Circus & Gymnastics



Juggling, Silks, Hammocks, Lyra, Spanish Web, Rolla Bolla, along with Static, Single, Double, and Triple Trapeze all take place in a modern pavilion which is specifically designed to allow our staff to teach the Circus Arts to campers of all skill levels. No matter what your ability, the Lindenmere Circus Pavilion is sure to challenge you!


Our Gymnastics Center caters to all skill levels and focuses on the mini trampoline, balance beam, uneven bars, tumble track, vaulting, and floor routines. The gymnastics pavilion is connected to the circus building so there is always a ton of action in the area! During minors, we also like to challenge our campers with the occasional Ninja Warrior Challenge!


Our two flying trapeze rigs are camper favorites and a terrific complement to our circus pavilion. Campers love to safely soar over thirty feet off the ground, learning different tricks that vary in skill level and degree of difficulty. Our staff will create a lesson plan for you to continue your progress and work towards your goals.