Lindenmere Majors




Discover the art of ceramics! Learn the complete process including prepping the clay, hand building, wheel throwing, glazing and using the kiln. Make vases, bowls, masks, mugs, whistles, plaques, monster heads, dinosaurs, anything!


Create original crafts using a wide variety of fun materials. Awesome assorted projects can include pom-pom dolls, woven baskets, duct tape wallets, decoupage trays, bird nests, picture frames, wall mirrors, spin-art, plaques, toys and much, much more!


Drawing and Painting

Enjoy instruction in acrylic, watercolor and tempera paint, oil and chalk pastels, colored pencils, graphite, charcoal, ink and more. Program is designed for all levels of artists, from beginner to advanced. Create a fun variety of abstract and realistic drawings and paintings.

Glass Fusion

Create beautiful and unique glass work in our state-of-the-art glass fusion kiln! Be innovative and learn to construct your very own projects! Use your favorite colors and patterns as inspiration when creating keepsake pieces like plates, bowls, chimes and trinkets to take home and cherish.


Heat Press

Using a state-of-the-art heat press machine, create amazing personalized designs on fabric! Decorate t-shirts, pillows, pillow cases, wall hangings, canvas bags and much more.


Make gorgeous jewelry and learn professional techniques and choose from a huge variety of beads, charms, findings and cords. Projects include unique necklaces, chokers, earrings, bracelets, rings and anklets.



Join the “Knit-Wits Club” and learn the basics of knitting in our cozy “grandma’s attic” knitting room. Knit a beautiful scarf, a baby blanket, a shoulder bag, or any other project you’d like to make.

Stained Glass

Learn the entire process of creating beautiful stained glass pieces, from tracing patterns to cutting, wrapping and soldering glass to adding fun final embellishments. Projects include window hangings, candle holders, picture frames, trays and mosaics.



Tie-dye everything you own if you like, including sheets, shirts and socks! Learn how to do classic swirls as well as stripes, diagonals, sunbursts, circles and hearts. Besides clothing, groovy projects include pillows, wall hangings, bandanas, bookmarks and more.


Build projects using a variety of hand and power tools. Checkerboards, knock-hockey sets, sundials and bird houses are just a few examples. Also, enjoy creating environmental wood projects like mini teepees, frames and pencil holders from found twigs and branches!



Digital Photography

Campers use both mediums to put together projects such as postcards, collages and calendars to capture memories from the summer. No experience necessary!


Lindenmere’s Latest is our very own newspaper that is released each session with all camp-wide current events! Take turns as the editor, photographer, designer, writer or interviewer.



Campers interested in movie making help direct, film and edit; so watch out Spielberg! Campers who choose this major help write, plan, act, direct and edit a short film.

Website Design

Does the name Mark Zuckerburg ring a bell? Be an innovative thinker and use your creative brain power to create your very own website design. Explore it all…coding your own gaming website, learn HTML and layout, design your own fashion or sportsblog, create a website for your favorite hobby, interests or “Pinterests”…the possibilities with web design are endless!

Theatre Arts


Theatre Productions

Lights, Camera, Action! We are calling all Lindenmere players to participate in one of our performances this summer. Our campers love being on stage and performing. All campers who want to participate receive a part and each play/musical is performed live on visiting day.

Technical Theatre

Campers who prefer to be behind the scenes can be part of our technical theatre department. Campers work together with our theatre staff to help design scenery, props, sets and can also help design and implement the lighting and sound plan for each show!


Voice Workshop

Campers will learn basic techniques on fine tuning their voice and acting performance skills. Campers will learn how to sing, interpret music, and act their song selections out. In addition to breath control, warm up activities, characterization, enunciation, projection, and selecting songs for auditions or special events. These skills will culminate in our Voice Performance showcase on visiting day demonstrating vocal performance pieces picked out and performed by campers.

Broadway Producer

Ever wanted to produce or learn about producing a Broadway production? Here is your chance! Select your show, theatre, cast, raise money, hire cast and more in this interactive major. You will have fun finding out all about the industry with our Theatre Director. With special surprises and events through the course of camp. You will love this major as you work to become a successful producer!


Acting Workshop

This performing arts major will teach campers the fundamentals of acting. Campers will work on characterization, dialects, creative motivation, monologues, and scene study culminating with performances in our Festival of Arts showcase.

Costume Design

Join the fun of creative costume design! Campers will develop designs that emerge through a process of character analysis based on the script. Learn basic costume construction, sewing, design including drafting and draping with tools for campers to produce costumes for our summer productions and our costume display gallery on visitor day.



Flying Trapeze

Come fly with us all summer long on our 2 flying rigs! Flying trapeze is a progressive program meant to cater to all ability levels. All instruction is given by highly skilled, trained staff members and is always on a one to one basis. Instruction is also geared towards each camper’s ability and comfort level. In a small amount of time, you can be flying through the air and soaring to new heights. Each session is capped off with an incredible circus performance where friends and families can watch our campers show off their new skills!


Lindenmere offers great instruction in both juggling and diabolo for those campers who love circus, but prefer to stay on the ground! Campers learn the basics of juggling two, three and four different items. Novice jugglers start with simple items such as bean bags and balls and move to more complicated items like scarves, clubs and bouncing balls. Diabolo consists of a spool which is whirled and tossed on a string tied to two sticks. Campers learn a variety of fun tricks by using the sticks, string, arms and legs. With more practice, campers can learn to throw the diabolo higher which makes it easier to accelerate the diabolo to higher speeds!



Swing, twist and swoop! Lyra is a suspended aerial hula hoop where campers can hang, twist, spin and sit in the hoop in a variety of poses. Lyra can be used for both solo acts and two camper acts and the tricks that are performed are very similar to the static trapeze acts.


Join the wonderful world of silks, where campers can hang and perform acrobatics on special fabrics. Our professional circus staff teaches our campers how to climb the silks and tie knots with their feet and arms. Campers use the fabric to wrap, suspend and spiral their body into and out of various positions.


Static Trapeze

Different from the flying trapeze, the bars and ropes on the static trapeze mostly stay in one place. While one camper can perform acts both above and below the bar, multiple campers can perform at the same time on the double or triple trapeze as well. This safe, fun and exciting activity offers basic tricks for beginners and much more complex tricks for more advanced campers.

Spanish Web

The Spanish Web is an impressive aerial circus apparatus that challenges the advanced circus performer in you! Campers will learn how to spin and prepare to perform an exciting routine in our visiting day show. All campers are safely supervised and spotted by our expertly trained staff.



In this exciting and much sought after program, our campers perform unbelievable acrobatic work in aerial U-Shaped fabric hammocks! Think of gravity defying yoga! Campers impress by learning how to manipulate the fabric by laying and leaning while strengthening their bodies. All campers perform awe-inspiring routines enjoyed by everyone on visiting day.

Extreme Sports


Mountain Biking/Mountain Boarding

With miles of newly cut trails and a new fleet of bikes, mountain biking will be as popular as ever this summer! Beginners will stick to more basic trails while experienced riders will be tested in a more adventurous setting. Mountain boarding is always exciting. A variation of snowboarding, campers will “board” down hills around camp and as they become more experienced, they will learn new turns and tricks.

Outdoor Adventure

Whether it’s the zip line, climbing tower, high ropes or low ropes that excite you, we have it all! Our new outdoor adventure course has been called one of the best in the Northeast with over 30 high and low elements, a twenty five foot climbing tower and a four hundred foot zip line. Campers will try new aspects of the course each day and always have something new to do!



Lindenmere’s 6,000 sq. ft. skatepark is home to both a free stylin’ street course and half pipe section. Our skatepark includes a beginner area dedicated to campers who want to try skateboarding or come to camp with basic knowledge. For more advanced riders, the skatepark has ramps, rails and half pipes that are sure to be fun for even the most seasoned skateboarder.

Explorer Program



Our Eco-ID program will offer campers the opportunity to discover a whole new meaning of their camp experience. Campers will explore the world we live in at camp, the surrounding ecology of the Poconos and learn all about the fauna, wildlife, and plants around us. Get ready to hike, use binoculars, seek and explore tracks, and much, much more. Led by our expertly trained staff, our campers will become Eco-ID experts by the end of each session.


In this program you will write commands for robots so they can move and follow directions. Coding is what is used to command the robots with a set of instructions or tasks to perform. Our robotics major will give you the chance to use coding to command various robots.


Outward Bound

Campers will learn all of the exciting survival skills so that the next time they are out in the great outdoors they will thrive. Our expert staff member teaching and supervising the program will guide on shelter & fire building, orienteering, and the chance for campers to experience geocaching! A real life treasure hunt in the wilderness! The program will culminate in an overnight camping trip where campers and staff will use all of the techniques that they learned throughout the season.


Learn how to build model rockets! Construct, paint, and then, using a control pad from a safe distance, launch your rocket up towards space! Watch it blast-off and then parachute back to Earth!



STEM is an exciting program encompassing science, technology, engineering and math. Become a mad scientist and have fun conducting experiments on a variety of topics such as: Solar Power, Magnetics, Robotics, Temperature, Circuits, Pulleys, Electricity, Chemistry and more.

Team Sports



Our skilled staff concentrates on both offense and defense. Instruction focuses on batting, fielding and simulated game situations. Campers love using our batting cage and always enjoy creative additions like homerun derby, pop fly contests and turning double plays.


Lindenmere’s basketball complex, which includes our indoor courts, lends itself well for both instruction and games. Multiple courts and instructors allow each camper to improve at their own pace while being part of the group. Campers participate in warm up drills, lead up games and full court scrimmages. Campers who want to be involved at a more competitive level have the option of learning set plays and playing in intercamp games and tournaments.



Our cheerleading program is designed to appeal to both the youngest beginner and the high school student. Our skilled staff will use a combination of tumbling, dance, jumps, cheers and stunting to help develop and maintain all the fundamental skills of the sport. The spirit of Lindenmere will be heard at our intercamp games!

Flag Football

Our flag football program focuses on offense and defense skill development in a fast-paced, competitive, non-contact, safe game. Players will learn the fundamentals of throwing and catching a football, running and maneuvering and how to run basic pass routes, learn coverage and run reaction skills. But most importantly, our campers will learn the importance of teamwork and good sportsmanship while teaching them to love the game of football.



Campers learn a variety of skills when participating in our top notch soccer program! Our highly skilled staff has a wide variety of warm up exercises, drills and games that make soccer fun! Beginning players concentrate on shooting, dribbling and passing while more advanced players work on corner kicks, trapping and heading. Players are able to test their skills in both intracamp and intercamp games. No matter what your skill level, our soccer program can help you become a better player.

Street Hockey

In our 9200 sq. ft. pavilion campers have the opportunity to develop their skills in a number of shooting techniques, passing, stick handling, defensive play and minding the net as goalie! Beginning campers will also learn basic fundamentals of the game from offside rules to shift changes. More advanced campers can sharpen their skills in stick checking, face off draws and board play.



Our sand volleyball court is the perfect home to our volleyball program. Younger campers begin with newcomb, which is a lead up game to volleyball. Older campers engage in full games as well as smaller group tournaments. Leading up to games and tournaments, campers learn proper positioning, serving, setting and hitting.

Individual Sports



Archery takes place in a secluded, shaded and tranquil corner of the camp. Campers are able to learn the basics of archery including aiming, knocking and shooting. Our full time certified archery instructor ensures that every camper is following our strict safety guidelines and procedures. More advanced campers are able to hone in their skills with scoring.


Are you interested in learning all those cool fencing moves you see in the movies? Our fencing program provides campers of all levels the opportunity to learn all the latest physical and tactical training methods offered. Girls and Boys will be challenged to develop keen focus, coordination skills, agility, balance and endurance in a safe environment while emphasizing safety rules. Fencing is a great physical and mental workout that’s fun!


Fitness & Running

Enjoy the fresh mountain air while staying in great shape. Campers will be exposed to healthy exercise routines that will last a lifetime. The program will be a blend of jogging, exercise and light weight training.


Our covered gymnastics pavilion is a popular destination for those campers who enjoy flipping, tumbling and challenging their sense of balance. Campers are exposed to many areas of gymnastics including beam, floor exercise, bars and vault. All campers are able to design routines which are part of our visiting day circus show!


Horseback Riding

This program focuses on horsemanship skills that develop riders into safe, responsible and educated equine enthusiasts. With fourteen horses and six dedicated expertly trained staff, we ensure that each camper is safe, learning new skills, challenged at their appropriate level and most of all, having fun on our expansive outdoor arenas and miles of trails! Our instructors are ready to work with novice, intermediate and advanced riders. Enjoy learning riding skills, horse care, grooming, tacking, trail riding, jumping, dressage and stable management. Campers help raise and care for their adopted horse for the summer which forms lasting memories and an unforgettable experience.


Campers love our USTA Certified tennis program. The program is staffed with collegiate tennis players and is always taught in small groups to ensure the best instruction at all times. All campers learn a variety of fundamental skills including serving, forehand, backhand and scoring. More advanced campers are taught a variety of shots including cut shots, drop shots and top spins. Campers will also get the opportunity to compete in Lindenmere’s intercamp games!


Yoga & Aerobics

Being in the beautiful Pocono Mountains is a perfect setting for our yoga & aerobics program. Trained instructors lead groups through a variety of endurance and strengthening exercises including yoga, step workouts, and zumba which are all easy for campers to understand and perform!

Creative Arts



Campers will cook in our commercial kitchen designed specifically for our cooking program. This safe, fun and exciting program will allow both beginner cooks and advanced chefs to cook up a storm! Campers work in small groups and can make everything from cookies and brownies to chicken parmesan, lasagna and pizza.


We have five styles of dance and expertly trained choreographers to teach! Our program is housed in two adjoining dance studios fully equipped with hardwood floors, ballet bars, mirrored walls and music systems. Campers have the opportunity to learn hip hop, ballet, jazz, tap and modern routines which are performed in a recital at the end of each session.


Fashion Design

Draw your design, pick out your fabric and materials, create your own brand and learn everything there is to know about making your vision come to life through your own clothes and accessories. Have fun learning about different types of fabric, using a sewing machine, dying materials, and putting together full ready-to-wear looks!


Our magic program focuses on basic prop tricks, card tricks and coin tricks. Have no illusions, magic is here to stay!


Rock Shop

You pick your band! You pick your songs! Our staff helps campers form bands with other campers at their musical level. Each band is carefully coordinated and guided by our dedicated studio managers! Campers may also take part in music appreciation and recording sessions. All musicians are welcome and almost all instruments can be brought & incorporated into the program & studios, but choices upon arrival consist of examples like: Bass, Electric & Acoustic guitar, Drums, Keyboard, Ukulele, Xylophone, Harmonica, & Vocals. All bands will perform in our rock concert at the end of each session!




Canoeing, kayaking, stand-up paddle boarding, and paddle boating all take place on our privately owned Highwood Lake. From learning basic paddling techniques to fun filled scavenger hunts, campers are able to enjoy a sense of peace and quiet.


Lake Highwood is always well stocked and is the perfect place for our campers to go fishing. Our fishing staff help them learn the basics of setting up a fishing rod including using a lure or live bait, teach campers to cast and show different techniques for reeling in a catch.


Instructional Swim

All swim instruction takes place in our heated pool. Our certified swim instructors work with campers in small group instruction to improve swimming skills by following the American Red Cross skill levels. Each camper has the ability to improve at their own pace and may choose to work on competitive swimming skills or endurance swimming if they choose.

Recreational Swim

Campers who choose recreational swim have the chance to play water basketball, water volleyball, use our multiple water slides or just hang out and relax in our heated pool. Always supervised by certified American Red Cross Lifeguards, our pool is a great place to cool off on a hot summer day!


Swim Team

For those campers who enjoy competitive swimming we’ve got a program for you! Sign up to join our Lindenmere Swim Team and represent us while competing in intercamp games. Our program supports swimmers at all levels to perfect their strokes while appealing to their competitive spirit. Campers master their technique, beat their personal record and enjoy a quality swim workout by receiving personal attention from our expert coaching staff. Lindenmere prides itself in building self confidence in our swimmers and always supports sportsmanship in all of our programming.