Media and Photography

Digital Photography

Campers use a range of SLR, digital and instant cameras to capture shots around our wonderful summer home. Our incredibly technical counselors will then teach our campers how to edit in photoshop and develop the perfect photo!

Digital photography


Watch out, Spielberg! Campers write, plan, act, direct and edit their own short films, TV shows, broadcasts and movies.

campers recording scene in front of greenscreen

Website Design

Does the name Mark Zuckerburg ring a bell? Be an innovative thinker and use your creative brain power to create your very own website design. Explore it all…coding your own gaming website, learn HTML and layout, design your own fashion or sportsblog, create a website for your favorite hobby, interests or “Pinterests”…the possibilities with web design are endless!

Girls working on website design


It’s time to speak to the world as our podcasting majors help you set up, create and edit your words of wisdom in our podcasting studio! We will take you through all the steps from start to finish and teach you how to upload your podcast so your friends and family can listen!


Lindenmere’s Latest is our very own newspaper that is released each session with all camp-wide current events! Take turns as the editor, photographer, designer, writer or interviewer.