Lindenmere Rocks

Lindenmere Rocks is the rock concert performed by campers who participate in the rock shop during the summer. Also, in the rock shop, campers work individually with specialty counselors on private lessons and work in bands with other campers to prepare a song or two to perform at the end of session rock concert. Campers are able to record the songs they performed in a recording studio set up by our rock shop staff. You can find some of the great music performed by our campers and rock shop staff below. Enjoy!

2023 Session 1

Shoshi: Are You Happy Now


Fortune Cookies: Born To Be Wild


3 amigos: Come And Get Your Love

Haley Tucker, Madeline Adams, Zovi Joy, Slater Copen, Wallace Copen, Shoshanna Goodman, and Vivian Gunzer 

The Chicken Cesar Wraps: Smells Like Teen Spirit

Love Story


The Placeholders: Moonage Daydream

Sam Wasserstein, Liam Murphy, Colin Wexler

Chicken Cesar Wraps: Roxanne

Yellow Submariners: Yellow Submarine

Leo, Isaac

2023 Session 2

BPM: Beat It

Liam Murphy, Sam Wasserstein

The Lil Stinkers: Blue

Ian Young, Teddy Berkman

Golden Whoppers: Call Me

Evan Rhodes, Aubrie Kannry, Anya Berardi, Jesse Salant

The Mitochondriaks: Come As You Are

Ben Salant, Mason Forschimer

Blue Grimace Band : Count On Me

Isaac Tentenbaum, Elizabeth Grebinnyk, Quinn Walker

The Watz: Shake It Off 

Lily Wagner, Ethan Goldberg, Kally Renfrew, Jonah Sachs 

Triangle Without The E: Shallow

Emma O’malley, Sarah Pliner

Dream Of Linden: Teenage Dirtbag

Zovi Joy, Samiya Gupta, Clarisa Dominguez, Norah Mayers

2022 Session 1

39rs: Love Story

Violet Naprorano, Sadie Sukhatme, Mya Zuckerman, and Kelly Morton 

TBD: Get Back

Rex Campbell, Evan Gonzalez, Daniel Sokolovsky, Jesse Musoff, and Mason Strauss 

The Blended: Lean on Me

Haley Tucker, Madeline Adams, Zovi Joy, Slater Copen, Wallace Copen, Shoshanna Goodman, and Vivian Gunzer 

The Chicken Cesar Wraps: Smells Like Teen Spirit

Ethan Kondak, PJ Cichlar, Tyler Moscowitz, Jackson Klein, and Jesse Schindler 

Unknown (the band): I Walk Alone

Van Weismann, Sadie Cohen, Emmy Solomon, Kate Levin, and Ellison Cheshire 

Wildlife Conservation Society: Set Fire to the Rain

Zoe Palmer, Piper Sinrod, Avery Kantor, Samantha Ratner, and Katelin Parnell

Italian Kermits: One Shot/ Never Gonna Give you Up

Devin Shroff, Sam Wasserstein, and Liam Murphy

DMCS: Welcome to Paradise

Noah Livstone, Josh Sadov, Andy Levin, Samuel Rattner, and Aaron Solit

BBC: Eleanor Rigby

Lev Wolkenbreit, Axl Marcus, Max Hackler, and Jack Lewis 

RLBN (Really Long Band Name): Blinded By the Light

Zachary Stein, Alana Mitnick, Zoe Musgrove, Stella Lloyd, and Tyler Ropa 

Chicken Nuggies: Counting Stars

Landon Brown, Logan Schoenfeld, Charlotte Feifer, and Charlie Dew 

The Evans: Yellow

Joanna Strauss, Hayden Fleshel, and Noa Dashoff

Big Band Theory: Brave

Samantha Rattner, Sabina Agadzhanov, Avery Kantor, Tyler Roppa, Stella Lloyd, Ethan Taylor, and Kaitlyn Parnell 


Josh Kretz, Rex Campbell, Daniel Sokolovsky, and Jesse Musoff

Charlotte Feifer Solo: Counter Stars

Charlotte Feifer and Bret Williams Guitar 

2022 Session 2

Amedee & Josh: Blance ton Quoi 

Amedee Debas Josh Sadov

Camp of Rock: All of Me

Ethan Taylor, Zovi Joy, Vivienne Gunzer, & Kayleigh Liebermann

Chicken Cesar Wraps: I Want to Hold Your Hand

Ethan Kondak, Tyler Moscowitz , Ethan Nagda, Rohaan Mehta, Camille Cohen . & Emily Rosen 

DMCS: Basketcase

Noah Livstone, Sean Bolotin, Harrison Silverberg, Aaron Solit, & Amedee Debas

Hamz: Cloud 9

Zoe Scher, Alana Mitnick, Margot Lewis, & Evan Gonzales

Rats in the Bed: Boulevard of Broken Dreams 

Nyla Colon, Kally Renfrew, Mya DeLacy, Ava Woods, Zack Trope, Olive Fried, & Lily Wagner 

Rock Shop Trash Bag: Do I Want to Know

Nila Shaines, Chloe Kirchner, & Liz Hoover

Silhouette: Poolhouse

Jonah Sachs, Ian Young, Zack Burbank, Teddy Berkman, & Henry Elias

Sourpatch Kids: Girl on Fire

Ilana Danziger, Thalia Young, Amelia Shurchin, Jill Gannon, & Mackenzie Fox

The Band: Scientist

AJ Bodenstein, Emelie Jones, Syd Oster, Alanna Cohen, Gabby Ellner, & Eilat Kipnees

The Sugar Rushes: Enemy

AJ Brown, Zev Rymer, Mason Forchheimer, Jack Ditzell, & Ryan West 

Vomit Volcano: River of Deceit

Ari Fishman, James Abend, Kristian Wood, & Oliver Berry 

Who’s in Paris

Jonah Levine, Axl Marcus, Ari Lewis, Drew Cohen, & Drew Caplan 

2021 Session 1

Andew M –”Mr. Brightside”

Bloody Moon –”Holiday”

Davin, Ethan, Sam, Derin

Bucket Hat Nation –”Sweater Weather”

Piper, Zoe

Crazy Can Be Stupid –”Falling”

Kate, Sadie, Maya

Daddy and the Chicken Strips –”Come as You Are”

Wren, Noah, Josh, Davin, Sam

Daddy and the Chicken Strips –”American Idiot”

Noah, Wren, Josh, Davn, Sam

Electric Harmony –”Sweater Weather”

Maya, Angie, Samantha, Alana, Noa

Ginger –”Riptide”

James P –”Hot Cross Buns”

Mac and Cheesers –”All Star”

Andrew, Charlie

More Than Three Words –”Hey Bulldog”

Max, Devin, Aaron, Sam, Oliver

Muffin Town –”Celebrity Skin”

Chelsea, Anna, Ava

Riley Texas and the Rodents –”Sick Love”

Daniel, Andrew, Jack, Benni

Painted Legs –”Somewhere Only We Know”

Zoe, Adina, Scarlet, Syd

Technical Difficulties –”Love Story”

Shana W., Alana M., Leah G.

The Big Drop –”Dark Red”

AJ, Jacob, Sam

The Heat Waves –”Uptown Funk”

Sadie Violet, Lev, Van, Drew, Charlie

The Sad Dinosaurs –”The Middle”

Wallace, Slater, Mason, Thomas

2021 Session 2

Candy Town –”Riptide”

Mya, Kally, Mackenzie, Haley

The Rock People –”Happier”

Jake, Liam, AJ, Max

Chris and the Andys –”Johnny B. Good”

Aaron, Josh, Andy, Philip, Sam

K-88 –”Shatter”

Jamie, Wren

Neon Thunder –”Uptown Funk”

Summer, Max, Max, Morgan, Vivienne, Jessie

Don’t Grow Up Kids It’s a Trap –”Sports”

Chelsea, Chloe, Allison, Jillian, Syd, Zach, Eliza

Coco Inferno –”Brain Stew”

Ethan, Oliver, Joel, Lorenzo

The Floors –”Boulevard of Broken Dreams”

Grace, October, AJ

Stagefright –”Sign of the Times”

Emmy, Kate, Sam, Alana

Silhouette–”We Didn’t Start the Fire”

Noah, Jason, Ian, Aaron, Theo

Dashing Dolphins –”Riptide”

Drew, Amelia, Deineth, Harrison, Thalia

Josie and the Camper Cats –”Everybody Talks”

Nina, Noa, Joanna, Hayden, Sophia

Girthey Lunch Box –”Amor Esta Muerte”

Zach, Seth, Jackson, AJ, Bram

2019 Session 1

Almost Blind –”21 Guns”

Marley A, Jackson K, Ari S, Vincent G

Flaming Flamingos –”21 Guns”

Hannah T, Hannah W, AJ L, Alexandra M, Jacob R

Triple Threat –”1000 Years”

Sadie C, Emerson S, Sophie G

No Band Scheduled –”Another One Bites the Dust”

Oliver G, Ryan S, Zach M, Arthur B

Will’s Group –”Enter Sandman”

Noa D, Andrew F, Sean B, Lorenzo G

Oliver and His Naughty Children –”Eye of the Tiger”

Sam K, Nate O, Lars S

The Noodlers –”Grey Street”

Evan B, Andrew R, Jack B, Emma S, Benjiman W, Daniel S

Lightning! On the Stage –”High Hopes”

Ananya K, Alana M, Ryann E, Aitan K, Jason B, Noah G

Dysfunctional –”Imagine”

Jessica W, Katherine L, Sam J, Owen M, Hazel T


Brooke N, Kate M, Ethan R, Josh S

Aaron and the Noicafsitas Band–”Satisfaction”

Ryan S, Zach M, James P, Lily G, Brooke W

No Pasta Bagels Allowed –”Superstition”

Zach M, Noah C, Aaron S, Lars S, Maxwell G

Turkey Dinner–”You Belong with Me”

Samantha B, Norah M, Jordyn W, Madeline N, Anna M, Raleigh S

2019 Session 2

Here We Go Again–”I Lived”

Anna, Chealsea, Sarah, Sophie, Ava, Meredith

Blue Crocs and Flip Flops–”Ride”

Diana B, Ellianna, Madeline, Leah

The Venomous Garden Snakes on the Upside-Down Bridges of the London Subway–”Cool”

Axl M, Lorenzo G, Sam V, Maxwell G

Flamewood Smack–”Go Your Own Way”

Zachary R, Jeremy W, Will E, Alexandra M, Andrew Z

Do We Have One–”Jump”

Jackson K, Brooke M, Emily M, Maxwell G

Left Tom vs. Right Tom–”Sunflower”

Aaron S, Ethan R, Josh S, Sam K

Brolexa–”Love Me Do”

Brooke N

Mac in Black–”Back in Black”

Maxwel, Sean

Pacific All Stars–”Soul Kitchen”

Jordan, Rex, Tyler

Hollywood Allstars–”Party in the USA”

Vivian B

Sacrifice–”Under the Bridge”

Ryan, AJ, Jacob, Oliver

Suprise Beef–”Hey Joe”

Mac, Alex, Max

The Inanimananimals–”Country Roads”

Stevie A, Brendan C, Alex F, Michael G, EJ G, Trey P, Max S

The Noodlers–”Hotel California”

Emma, Andrew, Daniel, Benjamin, Noah, Evan, James

Three Muscateers–”Cake by the Ocean”

Ethan, Hunter, Joel, Liv

Your Mom–”Can’t Help Falling in Love”

Sydney, Grace, Fehnti

Rock Shop 2018

2018 Session 1

5 Bs 1G – “Believer”

Ethan B, Jackson K, Ari S, Sebastian H, Harrison S, Sydnie O

Barkwood – “Applause”

Lily S, Eliza F, Lyndsay O

The Sour Green Apples – “So What”

Lily S, Jessica B, Madelyn K

Donkeys on Fire – “Something Just Like This…”

Sam K, Noah S

The Gingers that Jam ft. Diana and Jack – “Perfect”

Emerson S, Sadie C, Ellie G, Diana B

The Kan Rockers – “Teacher’s Pet”

Kylie H, Ananya K, Noa D

Silence – “Don’t Stop Believing”

James P, Owen M, Jack B, Jessica W, Brooke N, Sophie B

Anonymous Hippopotamus – “It’s Time”

Joseph B, Aaron S, Maxwell G, Samuel J, Noah G

2:30 and the Purple Boxes – “The Pretender”

Lily G, Oliver G, Jeremy W, Andrew Z

The Savage Cabbages – “Marry You”

Lorenzo G, Jason B

Mac in Black – “Back in Black”

Maxwell G

3 Melodies – “The Middle”

Alexa B, Alexa S

Rainy Day – “Animal”

Sydney D

The Flaming Ninja Dogs – “Seven Nation Army”

Zachary G, Ryan S, Arthur B

F!re on Fyre on Phire – “Help!”

Harrison G, Alexandra M, Hannah W, Jeremy W

Major 3, Band #8 – “Take On Me”

Brenden C, Alexander F, Zach M

Breakfast in Cambodia – “Superstition”

Jacob G, Pietro L, Andrew R, Evan B, Benjamin W

2018 Session 2

The Runaways – “Viva La Vida”

Ava Y, Meredith C, Chelsea S, Sarah G

Flaming Donuts in the Dark and the Fire – “Ballad of Mona Lisa Arron Mix”

Jeremy W, Will E, Micheal G, Katie A, Hannah T, Alexandra M, Tallulah L

Staff Laser Light Tree Paper Cars – “All Star”

Ethan Y, Joseph B

EEEOOOWWW – “Only Angel”

Chloe F, Emma F, Joey Z

The Roasting Hot Jaguars – “Never Bed Time”

Harrison S, Drew C

11 and the Burger King Notebooks – “The Chain”

Hannah W, Zachary R, Aaron S, Andrew Z, Brooke M

Jason and the Wildcats – “Walk This Way (Instrumental Jam)”

Jason B

The Silly Pickles – “The Three of Us”

Zach M, Joey Z

The Jewish Minecraft Server – “Server Basket Case

Oliver G, Zach M, Sam K, AJ L, Jacob R

3625 Miles – “Titanium” (Live)

Chloe M, Eliza M

The Angel Pigs – “Castle on the Hill”

Helen H, Eliana G, Diana B, Kate L, Brooke N, Carly

Inaniminanimals – “Africa”

Noah S, Trey P, Brenden C, Stevie A

Mugshot – “Smooth Criminal”

Sam J, James P, Jack B

Breakfast in Cambodia – “Panic Station

Evan B, Jacob G, Benji W, Andrew R, Pietro L, Daniel S

8th Melody – “Perfect”

Norah M , Jordyn W, Sammi B, Raleigh S, Erin M, Anna M, Madeline N, Maya F

Miss Kiesha’s Burnt Chicken Nuggets – “Back to December”

Sara C, Julia B, Grace M

White Bread– “You Belong With Me”

Anna R, Luke W, Lily S

The Oversee-ers – “Uprising”

Marley A, Brooke W, Ethan L, Ryans S, Jackson K

2017 Session 1

The Dreamcatchers – “Wildest Dreams”

Brooke N, Madeline N, Norah M, Sam K

The Pompous Windbags – “The Immigrant Song”

Joey Z, Aaron G, Bari G

Blue 7 – “Seven Nation Army”

Emelia C, Andrew R, Jack B, Evan S, Benjamin W

Camp of Rock – “Daylight”

Jonah G, Alexa B, Rijk S, Zachary G

Chill Vibes 2.0 – “Umbrella”

Ava G, Ava K, Mollie F, Brooke W

Dat Band – “Disconnected”

Chloe F, Emma F, Alana T, Tiah Z

Earplugs Are For Whimps – “Irresistible”

Jacob G, Noah S, Zack M, Pietro L

Midnight Riders – “Count On Me”

Zach V, Evan B, Harrison S

Nesquick – “Layla”

Jolie Z, Joey Z, Wesley G, Josh A, Aaron G

Sick Doctors – “Take Me To Church”

Sydney D, AJ L, Jacob R, James S, Bram W

The Pro Cons – “For The Longest Time”

Luke W, Hannah W, Jeremy W, Andrew Z, Harrison G

The Robot Ninja Narwhals – “Smells Like Teen Spirit”

Owen M, Ari S, Ethan B, Jackson K, Brendan C

The Whom – “Behind Blue Eyes”

Madison M, Alexa B

Yours Truly

Andrew Z, Sylvi S, Ryan S, Oliver G, Zack M, Jeremy W, Anna R

2017 Session 2

24/7  Savages – “Ride”

Evan B, Jack B, Sam K, Alexis R, Brooke N

Huzzah! – “Champagne Supernova”

Harrison G, Jocelyn M, Zach R, Jeremy W, Andrew Z

Fire! At The Forest – “Swing Swing”

Hannah W, Katie A, Michael G, Jules N, Ally M

The Blue Diamonds – “Classic”

EJ G, Anna R, Sebastian H, Lily S, Tallulah L, Eliza F

The Small Mountains – “Demons”

Laurel L, AJ L, Ava Y, Eliza M, Chloe M, Jacob R

Wax Jaguar – “Do Me A Favour”

Joey Z, Jack P, Sam K, Aaron G

Wax Jaguar (ft. special guest Mikey Scofield) – “Pictures”

Joey Z, Jack P, Sam K

The Red Hot Fire Ninjas – “Wake Me Up When September Ends”

Zach G, Daniel S, Zack M

Destination – “Don’t Stop Believing”

Brooke M, Maya P

The Duo – “Say Something” (Live)

Ariana J, Melissa E

Line 6 – “London Calling”

Danielle G, Maya F, Brendan C, Cara D

The Pro Bros – “Viva La Vida”

Lily S, Sophia L, Maggie I, Mikayla A, Alyssa P, Camryn S

The Fire Dragons – “I Like Trains”

Oliver H, Brooke W, Aaron S, Harrison S, Lily G

D Fly – “Two Sides”

Danny F

Sisto Serdido – “Kiwi”

Chloe F, Emma F, Jeremy W, Jack P, Maxime B

The Attack Of The Running Hotdogs! – “Stressed Out”

Denver T, Noah S, Andrew R, Julian E, Leah D

L.A.M.E. – “All Time Low”

Madelyn B, Ava Z, Lily S

What’s The Point Of Decaf? – “Mercy”

Rijk S, Jacob G, Jackson K

2016 Session 1

Flying Horses – “Time is Running Out”

Jack P, Sam K, Max S, Aaron G, Joey Z

Insert Generic Band Name Here – “The Phoenix”

Zack M, Brendan C, Ethan B

Dat Band – “Voodoo Doll”

Chloe S, Emma S, Josie S, Jamila C

Chill Vibes – “Stitches”

Penelope S, Sydney, Mollie F, Ava G, Brooke W, Jeremy W, Avery G

Wax Jaguar – “Streets”

Sam K; Joey Z

Juno – “Don’t Stop Me Now”

Luke W, Sara J, Mathis A

Majesty – “Beat It”

Luke W, Hailey A, Milana K, Hannah W, Sean

Trees, Grass and Rusty Metal – “Bad Moon Rising”

Ryan S, Oliver G, Rijk S, Andrew Z

Semi-Self-Sufficient Teen Group – “Carry On My Wayward Son”

Max S, Harrison G, Jack P, Jake F, Mikey B

School of Rock – “Teacher’s Pet”

Eliza F, David B, Sam S, Andrew R, Evan B

The Three Amigos – “The Judge”

Jordan S, Emily Z

Emotioning Well – “Feeling Good”

Jack P, Madison M, Bari G, Isabel P, Rebecca H

Thunder – “Pour Some Sugar On Me”

Gus R, AJ L, Jacob R

Silent Radio – “Tear in My Heart”

Aaron G, Cara D, Jolie Z, Julia D, Zoe F

The 5 Pandas – “Payphone”

Jeremy W, Noah S, Evan S, Kensley S, Emma W

Emerald Core – “Beatles Medley”

Marly A, Alana T, Sylvi S, Alexandra S

Harcore Marshmallows – “Here Comes the Sun”

Hannah S, Lily G, Aliza C, Jack B, Benjamin W

The High Hitters – “I Don’t Care”

Jacob G, Petey L, Andrew R

2016 Session 2

The Iguanas – “Chameleon”

Stephen B, Josh O, David G, Sam K

The Semi-Precious Stones – “How to be a Heartbreaker”

Hannah T, Lily S, Anna R

Maajic – “Perfect”

Ava Z, Chloe G, Madelyn B, Jordan S, Anna B

Amy and Illana – “House of Gold”

Amy H, Illana W

Kilroy was Here – “Mr Roboto”

Andrew Z, Oliver G, Brian M, Benji W

The Elite IV – “Pokemon Medley”

Sam K, Joey Z, Arron G

Tame Melon – “Play That Funky Music”

Stephen B, David G, Max S, Zoe F, Jolie Z

Miracle – “Before He Cheats”

Courtney R, Jules N, Jeremy W, Maeryn E

Be Wise and Sanitize – “Centuries”

Julie S, Noah S, Brendan C, Jonah G, Andrew R, Jacob G

Dat Behaviour – “White Room”

Sam S, Andrew Z, David B

Dat Band – “Long Way Home”

Chloe S, Emma S, Josie S

Omlette and the Eggs – “25 or 6 to 4”

Wes G, Max S, Josh A, Joey Z, Aaron G, Zack M

Yabko Family Mountain Band – “Marvin Gaye”

Ava Y, Sydnie O, Zachary Y

The Polar Primates – “Arabella”

Bari G, Maddison M, Jeremy W

Hannah Weiss – “Sedona”

Hannah W, Jack H

2015 Session 1

Maddie and the Mad Men – “Are You Gonna Be My Girl?”

Madison M; Max H; Jake F; Jack P

The Moon Bears – “Can’t Stop”

Rebecca H; Sara J; Max H

The Henries – “The Pheonix”

Lily P; Aaron G; Robert S; George G; Trevor L

The Ever Rising Suns – “House of the Rising Sun”

Wesley G; Jacob G

Wax Jaguar – “Walk”

Sam K; Joey Z

No Clue – “Proud Mary”

Jolie Z; Max S; Sam S; Zach M; Henrik P

DERRP – “Ghost Town”

Sam K; Joey Z; Stephen B; Zoe F; Michael K; Zach M; Lauren B

$5 Footlongs – “Under Cover of Darkness”

Bari G; Will B-S; Jake F; Jack P; Issac S

The Psycholophones – “Come Together”

Gideon B; Max S; Luke W; Harrison G

The Mash Potahtoes – “Going Away to College”

Ava E; Max H; Wesley G; Davis S; Jack R

The Humans – “Falling Slowly”

Josie S; Isabel K; Jamila C; Chloe F-S; Emma F-S

The Blondies and Brunette – “Rip Tide”

Sydney D; Maeryn E; Mollie F; Alyssa P

The Carnivores – “Eye of the Tiger”

Samuel S; Ryan S; Drew S

The Echoes – “Rude”

David B; Jordan A; Cameron L

The Four M&Ms – “Shut Up and Dance With Me”

Noah S; Owen M; Emily Z

The Ginger Emo Geese – “Sunday Morning”

Lulu H; Zoe F; Rebecca M; Tess N

Wolfy and the Wailers – “Pompeii

Michael K; Noah Y; Sam W; Jacob K

2015 Session 2

Uke, I Am Your Father – “No Diggity”

Noah Y; Hailey N; Paige S; Daniel U

The Relatively Large Guppies – “Another Day in Paradise”

Sam K; Wesley G; Sebastian R; Lauren B; Dina S; Amy H

The Unknown – “Don’t Speak”

Emma F-S; Chloe F-S; Jolie Z; Josie S

The Last Hopes – “Stay With Me”

Ethan B; Owen B; Andrew Z; Zachary G; Jacob K

Red Line Men – “Walk”

Max S; Joey Z; Aaron G; Josh A

Rockettes – “Shake It Off”

Emily Z; Hannah R; Eliana P; Willow K

Skybound – “Spacebound”

Ryan S; Liam M; Oliver G; Bailey K

Restricted Area – “Brave”

Morgan L; Jolie H; Danielle N; Vanessa F; Jenna K; Isabel P

The Best Band Ever – “Take Me Out”

David G; Zoe F; Joey Z; Wesley G; Stephen B

The Feedback Bros. – “Iron Man”

Eli S; Sam K; Harrison G; Max M; Hannah P

The Leftovers – “Ring of Fire”

Elijah F; Aaron G; Max S; Sam S; Ethan R; Andrew Z

Spare Tyre – “Superstition”

Bari G; Issac S; Jake F; Jack P; Emily S

The Ukuladies – “Run Around Sue”

Alyssa P; Madison L; Alana T

Unclick the Pen – “With a Little Help From My Friends”

Zachary Y; Sam P; David G; Sam W; Zoe F

The Flames – “Hey Soul Sister”

Noah S; Jules N

Gathering Moss – “Paint it Black”

David B; Michael C; Jeremy W

Take Your Meds – “AC/DC Medley”

Jake F; Jack P; Madison M; Lily P

THEM – “Rapper’s Delight”

Kris M; David G; Alex P

2014 Session 1

The Juicemen – “She” by The Misfits

Sam K., Max S.

Zebras in America – “Pretty Noose” By Soundgarden

Zach S., Ben G., Jake F., Sam K.

The Power Players – “Light’Em Up” By Fall Out Boy

Emily Z., Robert S., Trevor L.

Tom in a Blizzard – “Safe and Sound” By Capitol Cities

Cameron L., David B., Wesley G., Issac G.

My Chemical BROmance – “I’m Not Okay (I Promise)” By My Chemical Romance

Andrew D., Lily P., Sam K., Jake F.

ANAVRIN – “Smells Like Teen Spirit” By Nirvana

George G., Ben G., Ryan S.

Los Pollos Hermanos – “Blind” By Face to Face

Kyle Z., Carly E., Sammy S., Max S., Jake K.

Pass the Doritos – “Paperback Write/White Room” By The Beatles/Cream

Sam W., Jack P., Zach S.

No Policies – “Ain’t it Fun” By Paramore

Kyle Z., Carly E., Wesley G., Bari G.

The Ladybugs – “Uprising” By Muse

Josie S., Izzy K., Jamila C.

The Great Indoors – “Dancing Shoes” By The Artic Monkeys

Will B., Isaac S., Rebecca H.

Four Koalas & The Eucalyptus Tree – “You Wanna Know” By Don Bronco

Maxwell C., Izzy O.l, Dani F., Rebbeca M.

Girly French Destruction – “So What/Welcome to Paradise” By Pink/Green Day

Mathis A., Sam S., Davis S., Max H., Jolie Z.

First Time – “Can’t Buy Me Love” By The Beatles

Josh A., Jeremy W., Alyssa P.

Jimi DC – “Back in Black” By AC/DC

Shay R., Henrik P.

The Soloists – “Day Tripper” By The Beatles

Max H., Lily G., Sara J.

One Size Fits All – “Speed of Sound” By Coldplay

David R., Julian D., Tess N.

The Humans – “Demons” By Imagine Dragons

Emma F., Chloe F., Danielle N., Maeryn E., Cara D.

Criminal Record – “Shadow of The Day” By Linkin Park

Will B., Zachary Y., Lily P.

Peter Pan and The Lost Boys – “A Moment of Silence” By Streetlight Manifesto

Sam W., Michael K., Kyle Z., Stephen B., Maxwell C.

2014 Session 2

You’re In – “Feeling Good” By Muse

Kyle Z., David G., Ben F., Lauren B.

Ovation – “Royals” By Lorde

Vanessa F., Zoe F., Starr R., Elyssa Y.

Jach #2 – “Thanks For The Memories” By Fall Out Boy

Jack P., Max H., Elyssa Y.

The Tenth Bernstein – “Power & Control” By Marina and the Diamonds

Dani F., Izzy O.l, Gavin A., Bari G.

5BPM – “This is Gospel” By Panic At The Disco!

Jolie Z., Chloe F., Emma F., Dani F.

The Fruit Roll-Ups – “Say it Ain’t So” By Weezer

Josh A., Scotty K., Sammy S.

The Cashiers – “Everything’s Magic” By Angels and Airwaves

Will B., Rebecca H., Jake F.

Porch Suitcase – “Hell Song/Someday” By Sum41/The Strokes

Will B., Joey Z., Sam K.

2 American & 2 British Rejects – “Swing, Swing” By All American Rejects

Emily Z., Wesley G.

Mushroom Teas – “Lady Madonna” By The Beatles

Joey Z., Grant M., Zach Y.

No Policies – “I Just Wanna Run”By The Downtown Fiction

Kyle Z., Carly E., Jacob K., Sam K., Jake K.

Free The Cheetah – “Ain’t No Rest For The Wicked” By Cage the Elephant

Max S., Jesse R., David B., Harry G.

Bro in the Groudz – “Tonight Alive” By Mumford and Sons

Rebecca M., Kyle Z., David G., Charlie H., Alex S.,

System of An UP – “Lonely Day” By System of a Down

Kristupas M., Sam K., Wesley G., Noah Y.

The Flying Pigs – “Payphone” By Maroon 5

Sam S., Robert S., Michael C., Jacob K.

3 Man Band – “Wake Me Up When It’s Over” By Avicii

Eathan E., Eathan B., Sammy S.

One World – “Goof Life” By OneRepublic

Hannah P., Jane H., Max M.

2013 Session 1

Pepper Spray – “Crossroads”

Bari G., Will B., Sam K., Jake F.

Devoted to Couches – “Our Truth”

Maxwell C., Danielle F., Izzy O.

The Fireworks – “22”

Chloe F., Emma F., Tiah Z.

The Extinguished – “Radioactive”

Max S., Sara J., Fred M., Isaac G., Max H.

Rainbow Drank – “Valerie/All the Small Things”

David G., Elyssa Y., Kyle Z., Jacob K., Lauren B.

The Konmen – “I’m a Believer”

Zac C., Spencer K., David B., Owen A., Jack R.

Pre-meditated Spork Attack – “The Science of Selling Yourself Short”

Zack S., Ethan G., Mike K., Chris M., Alex N.

Zombies Don’t Exist – “Fly Away/My Own Worst Enemy”

Ariana T., Sam K., Kyle Z., Victoria D.

The Wolfpack Featuring Jake Kaufman – “Alive”

Sam W., Skyler P., Mike N., Andrew L., Jake K.

One Idea – “Let It be”

Timer – “Paralyzer”

Becca C., Marget M., Emma P., Izzy L., Tali S.

Mach One – “Love Me Do”

Max M., Mathis A., Harris M., Alice K.

The Miserable Overdrives – “Misery”

Will Buckser., Izzy O., Charlie H.

2013 Session 2

Chocolate Pudding – “La La”

Izzy O., Sydney A., Carly E., Elina K., Kris M.

Mismatch – “Mashup of Green Day, Mychem, Paramore”

Bari G., Lily P.

To Dumbledore and Beyond – “Yellow”

Rebecca M., Rachel B., Jacob K., Gavin A.

Pride Rock – “I Just Can’t Wait tp be King”

Kyle Z., David G., Maxwell C., Rebbecca C., Ben F.

Priority Mail – “Slow Hands”

Zach S., Fred M.

The Superbats – “Goofy Goober Rock”

Sammy S., Sam K., Izzy K., Jake F.

Blah Blah Blah We Don’t Care – “Chic’n’Stu”

Wesley G., Aarav S., Ander U.

Explosive Cheese – “The Rifle’s Spiral”

Fred M., Adam K., Max S., Sam K.

The Leviathans – “Super Massive Black Hole”

Jake F., Wesley G.

5 BPM – “A Thousand Years”

Emma F., Chloe F.,

Crippling Injuries May Occur – “Reptilia”

Will B., Jake F., Sam S.

Devoted to Couches – “Dying in Your Arms”

Izzy O., Lauren B., Danielle F., David G., Maxwell C.

Negative Birthdays – “Best of Me”

Kyle Z., Sydney A.,

Geldog and the Puppies – “Potential Breakup Song”

Emily W., Ethan G., Izzy O., Sophie S.

Sugar Rush – “Live Like You’re Dying”

Sarah R., Eliza B., Lindsey P., Daniel R.

Party Rockers – “21 Guns”

Cameron L., Ben G., Drake F., AJ P.

The Minors – “Chasing Cars”

Andrew H., Eric S., Philip L., Daniel E.

2012 Session 1

8 Q’s – “Forget You”

Fred M., Ross R., Jacob K., Boris Z., Kyle Z.

Wolfpack – “Fresh Prince Theme Song”

Andrew L., Mike N., Skyler P., Sam W., Jack Z.

Whatever – “Forever Young”

Lila B., Claire V., Henry S., Ben G.

We’ve Decided On A Band Name – “Bigger Than Punk Rock”

Alex N., Kyle Z., David G., Alex S.

The Powerhouses – “Boulevard of Broken Dreams”

David B., Harris M., Shea

The Noodlers – “Rock n’ Roll”

Sean C., Zach S., Izzy O., Jake F., Ariana T.

Land Sharks – “Na Na Na”

Jacob D., Sam K., Elyssa Y., Justin S., Izzy O., Kyle Z.

Defying Society – “Someone Like You”

Lauren B., Rebecca C., Jacob D., Mathias

The Ladybugs – “Let It Be”

Jamila C., Isabel K., Josie S.

Hollywood Rock – “Sweet Home Alabama”

Cameron L., Eli S., Milo R.

Fruit Break – “Viva La Vida”

Maxwell C., Sean C., Victoria D., Izzy O., Lauren B.

The Flames – “Camp Lindenmere Rock”

Max H., Jared J., Sara J., Ethan L.

Feathered Fate – “All Along The Watchtower”

Kyle Z., Charlie H., Ariana T., Stepen B., Sam K.

2012 Session 2

Soynut Butter – “Hysteria”

Aaron S., Sean C., Jake F., Sophia S.

Silence is Awkward – “The Middle”

Andrew D., Kyle Z., Alicia Y., Charles P.

Signal The Cheese – “Shake It Out”

Bari G., Jane H., Molly H., Josie L., Dylan M., Noah R.

Rockin’ B1 – “Pipi Noo Noo”

Rami, Nate S., Diego, Sam B.

Right Choice – “Tupenny Nudger”

Will B., Sam S., Jesse R., Louis P.

Plane – “Drops of Jupiter”

Will B., Fred M., Nick G.

The Other Direction – “One Thing”

Will B., Kyle Z., David G., Matty K., Lauren B.

The 25th Hour – “Hey Jude”

Wesley G., Aarav S., Ander U.

Tastes Like Chicken – “Unstopple”

Jacob K., Gavin A., Ben D., Daniel W.

Jay Zed – “Jump!”

Zach S., Elyssa Y., Ryan M.

Hungry Hungry Hipsters – “Read My Mind”

Sean C., Ethan G., Brian S., Izzy O., Lauren B.

The Henry Steiners – “Eye Of The Tiger”

Ethan L., Grant M., Ben G., Cameron L., Alex S.

Handcuffs – “I Miss You”

Kyle Z., Ben F., Jason H., Sam W., Jake F., Hank, Sydney A.

Fireworks – “Rollin’ In The Deep”

Chloe F., Emma F., Tiah Z., Juliet R.

Emanon – “Float On”

Emily W., Harris, D., Isabel K.

Em7sus4 – “Twist & Shout”

Zach Y., David B., Beck H., Alex S.

Easily Amused – “Can’t Stop”

Margret M., Sarah J., Emma P., Tali S., Izzy L.

Charlotte Noodles and the Ramen Allstars – “Naturally”

Elina K., Sydney A., Izzy O., Jessie R., Charlie H.

The Answer I No – “Check Yes, Juliet”

Elina K., Izzy O., Syndey A., Danielle F., Carly

2011 Session 1

Checker Practise Pad – “All Along the Watch Tower”

John B., David W., Zach N.

Is Mayonnaise an Instrument? – “Rolling in the Deep”

John B., Jonathon R., Allison K., Jason R.

Lawnchair – “The Charming Man”

David G., Jonathan R., Kyle Z., Maxim K., John B.

Moving On – “A Punk”

Jacob D., Jake W., Grant S., Jordan N.

Off the Rails – “Sweet Home Alabama”

Ryan M., Zach Slaff, Jamie J.

Plasma – “I Want To Hold Your Hand”

Sam K., Jack Z., Elyssa Y., Ross R., Mikey S., Cailee O., Lindsey P.

Say Cheese! – “My Body”

Allison K., Alicia F., Nate S., Marissa Y., Chloe K., Seth K.

Smashing Bricks – “The Ocean”

Andrew D., Jack Z., Sam W., Nate S., Augustinas M., Kris M.

Stuph – “Sunshine of Your Love”

Wesley G., Sam K., Russell K., Bret K.

Team Tri-Force – “Hunting fr Witches”

Danielle F., Russell K., Izzy O., Mia W.

The Disagreeables – “Californication”

Henry S., Ben D., Fred M., Matt S., Alex S.

The Jew Crew – “21 Gunz”

Zoe G., Elyssa Y., Ethan R., Jacob D., Rachel K.

Them There Ladies – “I’m Yours”

Celine G., Claire K.

Thundersorm – “Mad World”

Jamie J., Harris M., Marius, Sara J.

We Have Not Decided – “Come Out and Play”

Dylan L., Russell K., Alexa G., Aaron S., Charlie H., Mikey S.

2011 Session 2

Allison and the Escorts – “Crush Crush Crush”

Jonathan R., Russell K., Jake W., Charlie H., Allison K.

Cheese Quesadilla – “The Pretender”

Jamie J., Jacob D., Ethan R., Ross R., Miles B.

Dragonfeet – “This City is Contagious”

AJ B., Melissa M., Sabrina G., Jamie L., Lindsey C., Aliza W.

Erica Luguidice – “Apologize”

Nate S., Erica L., Sophia S.

Flip My Switch – “Party Rock Anthem”

Sam S., Jamie J., and Jesse R.

I Put Ketchup On My Ketchup – “Iron Man”

Andrew D., Mikey S., Jake W., Kris M.

Kyle Comes From the Sun – “By the Way”

Wesley G., Kyle Z., Russell K., Jake W.

Not Welcome – “Tonight Tonight”

Mikey S., Russell K., Justin M., Jordan N.

Nothing – “Blind Love”

Danielle F., Charles P., and Emily W.

Say Cheese! – “White Winter Hymnal”

Allison K., Alicia F., Nate S., Marissa Y., Chloe K., Seth K.

Spare Change – “Heartbreaker”

Russell K., Maria C., Danielle F., Isha K., Emily W.

Team Tri-Force -1 +3 – “I’m Not Okay”

Danielle F., Izzy O., Charles P., Will B.

The Band Called Spence – “Don’t Want to Miss a Thing”

Jonathan R., Arrov S., Rosemary N., Remy L., Lourdes Cobian F.

The Brown Eyed Girl – “First Date”

David W., Jake W., Hank R., Jason R., Jason H.

The Fluggernauts – “Larger Than Lindenmere”

Nate S., Russell K., Izzy O., Alex S., Jake W.

The Gazebos – “Porcupine Tree”

David G., Jonathan R., Kyle Z., Jake W., Ben D., Sam W.

The Invisible Lizards – “What the Hell”

Sydney A., Alex S., Artem D., Izzy O., Isaac R.

The Symbolic Zebras – “Animal”

Jacob D., Izzy B., Elyssa Y., Mikey S.

2010 Session 1

Benny’s Train Station Gang – “Steady As She Goes”

Ben P., Allison K., Seth K., Brian W., Jamie L., David W., Alyssa S.

Broskis at the Discotheque – “Born to Run”

David W., Elyssa Y., Patricio A., Dan W.

Crazy For Swasey – “Dani California”

Sean P., Mia W., Alyssa S.

Department of Immigration – “Harder Better Faster Stronger”

Ezra G., Zach S., Izzy O., Jaime N.

Funky Monkeys – “Twist and Shout”

Zach A., Alyssa S., Zach S., Justin S., Matt S.

MC Redcoat – “British Kid”

Orange Plug – “Hardest Button to Button”

Robert P., Aaron S., Steven B., David G.

Purple Skinny Jeans – “A-Punk”

David W., Andrew D., Juan Jose T., Griffin P., Dylan L.

Radioactive Bunnys – “All Star”

Jack Z., Elizabeth M., Yasmina C., Nick S.

Randy On the Rhoad – “Penguins Polarbears”

Russian Sweethearts – “Smoke On the Water”

The What – “Baba O’Riley”

Skylar P., Claudio A., Matt S.

Twitch 281 – “Rock Show”

Jared W., Izzy O., Noah G., Fred M., Zack S.

Unnamed Untamed – “Hotel California”

U.S. of Awesome – “Born in the U.S.A”

Rami, Harrison G., Remy L., Claudia Z., Adam C., Jaime N.

Solar Drive – “Everlong”

Hannah G., Alexa G., Claudio A.

Visual Success V.2 – “Trains”

Marissa Y., Chloe K., Kira K.

Zelman and Richer – “Heartbreaker”

Kyle Z., Jonathan R., Jeremy B.

2010 Session 2

Brett and the Fireball – “Viva la Gloria”

Brett K., Andrew D., Rosemary N., Jonathan F., Jaden G.

Coastguard – “Message in a Bottle”

Alexander T., Isaac T., Kyle Z., Elyssa Y., Dylan L.

Collision – “When I Come Around”

Rami, Henry S., Jacob B., Emma B., Jaime N., Jordan N.

Dasha and the Awesome – “Survivors”

Dasha O., Jonathan R., Josiah B., Russ K., Jake W.

Dragonfeet – “She’s a Rebel”

Amanda B., Aliza W., Melissa M., Sabrina G.

Express Delivery – “Another One Bites the Dust”

Zach S., Jonathan F., Jack Z., Aarav S.

I Saw a Deer Once – “Immigrant Song”

Jacob D., Izzy B., Colin E., David G.

Juicy Watermelon Butter – “Talkin’ ’bout a Revolution”

Nick S., Jamie L., David W., Adam C., Jacob K., Myself, Remy L.

LFS – “Jumper”

Alicia F., Chloe K., Jesse K., Marissa Y., Allison K.

Operation Playwell – “Party in the U.S.A”

David W., Alexa V., Madeline B., Sydney A., Carly E., Jason H.

Rain Down – “Umbrella”

Struck By the Plague – “Don’t Fear the Reaper”

Will B., Ben P., Brian W., Seth K., Kyle Z., Brandon Z., Jared W.

The Distractions & Oh a Bird – “Every Time We Touch”

Eliana C., Izzy O., Erica L., Elyssa Y., Sydney A.

Tri-State Area – “Holiday”

Justin S., Jason R., Matt H., David G.

Wicked Fire – “All the Time”

Noah G., Zack A., Justin S., Rachael K., Andrew P.

You Need Truck – “Whole Lotta Love”

Skylar P., Gianni C., Lauren C., Alex T., Jeremy B.

2009 Session 1

Besser and the Visual Success – “Crazy”

Bubble Bustin’ Tree Climbers – “Gives You Felt”

Flying Chinese Thunder Tacos – “Riders on the Storm”

Harry Tree Jump Quickly Over There – “Harry Tree”

Mr. Cozy and the Comfort Club – “Camp Lindenmere”

No Plurals – “Brain Stew”

The Noodlers – “Holiday”

Orange Glow – “Dirty Little Secret”

Seven Car Pile-Up – “Eleanor Rigby”

Toxic Thunder – “Eye of the Tiger”

Z.I.E – “All You Do is Make Me Smile (Acoustic)”

Z.I.E – “All You Do is Make Me Smile (Electric)”

2009 Session 2

2008 Session 1

B Jive and the Uptown Five – “Get Your Campin’ On”

B-Dubs and the G2 Girls – “Can you Gallop?”

Catterpillers in the Shade – “Warning”

The Frankuklar – “Say it Ain’t So”

Frenglish – “Worried about Ray”

Heart Shaped Back – “Heart Shaped Box”

I Eat Hush Puppies Phil – “Goofy Goober Rock”

Made in China – “Californication”

The Matt Steinberg Experience – “TNT”

Mystery Mania – “Paint it Black”

Penguin Foo – “Learn to Fly”

The Rolling Rock ‘n’ Rollers – “I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll”

Sox on the Ride – “Chasing Cars”

We Don’t Have One – “Hillikus”

We Have a French Kid in the Band – “Soul Man”

2008 Session 2

AB DobDub and the FanEvanettes – “Croc Riders”

Ask Dara – “Secret Together Thing”

Bobby DeRail adn the Moonwalking Bears – “Jane on a Train”

Johnny Be Great – “Johnny B Goode”

Mr. Cozy and the Comfort Club – “Are You Gonna Be My Girl”

Platypus and the Woodchips of Doom – “Almost There”

Ronald Reagan and the Horrific Tablecloths – “Goodbye”

2007 Session 1

Big G and the Freshians – “Bringin’ Campin’ Back”

Justin Z., Michael R., Jason S., Sean M.

The Canadian Lollygaggers – “Smells Like Teen Spirit”

Michael S., Daniel M., Lauren W., Adam M.

Fall Out Men – “Sugar We’re Going Down”

David W., Paul ., Brian W., Julian B.

The French to American Connection – “99 Red Balloons”

Pierre B., Charles B., Dara L., Geoff B., Avi D., Jarret Y., Brian W., Paul G., Lauren W., Lee M.

Got Milk? – “Fortunate Son”

Eli C., Matt S., Phil S., Adam M.

Jr. Kings – “Bicycle”

Alex W., Justin M., Jesse M., Julian B.

Mikey and the ADD Women – “155”

Alexa Z., Shannon S., Russell K., Mikey S.

My Name is Mud – “Seven Nation Army”

Russell K., Jesse K., Evan C.

No Patience – “Keep on Rockin’ in the Free World”

Seth K., Joey N., Jarret Y., Lauren W.

Not Enough Pasta – “Iron Man”

Eli J., David W., Matt S., Paul G.

Pancho Man Band – “My Generation”

Jacob S., Jared W., Russell K.

Pie – “Short Skirt and a Long Jacket”

Dylan Y., Ben P., Avi D., Mikey S., Phil S.

We Never Had a Name – “Fire”

Michael S., Avi D., Brian W., Phil S.

2007 Session 2

DijDuh – “Starlight”

Dylan Y., Russell K., Jake W.

Evil Death – “I Love Camp (Original)”

The Jack Russell Terriers – “Late Nights in the Rock Shop (Original)”

Russell K., Jake W.

Joey Nejathaim – “The Experience (Original)”

Joey N., Phil S., Adam M.

Random Kids with Instruments – “Back in Black”

Tyler C., Brian W., Paul G., Zach A.

Silence – “Animal I’ve Become”

Kathrine B., Nathan L., Jeremy O., Mikey S.

Sugar Rush – “Never Again”

Caroline M., Kami R., Kelly V., Michele A., Natalie G., Peri S.