Family Camp

Welcome To Lindenmere Family Camp 2020! As you know, we tried to do everything we could to give our kids and parents their summer at Camp Lindenmere during these challenging times. While it wasn’t meant to be, we still want to bring you a fun, campy experience that all can enjoy. Camp families, alumni and prospective families are all welcomed to join us for a memorable camp getaway. Below is more information to help you better understand what Lindenmere Family Camp will look like. We hope to see you there!

2020 Dates

Week 1: AUGUST 13 – AUGUST 17, 4 nights
Week 2: AUGUST 19 – AUGUST 24, 5 nights
Week 3: SEPTEMBER 4 – SEPTEMBER 7 (3 nights- Labor Day Weekend)

Sign up now! Please email with any questions or see the bunk registration form below to sign up.


  • Families will have their own bunk during their stay.
  • Week 1: $460 per person for 5 days/4 nights- Min of 4 people per bunk.
  • Week 2: $500 per person for 6 days/5 nights – Min. of 4 people per bunk.
  • Labor Day Weekend: $450/person for 4 days/3 nights- Min of 4 people per bunk.
  • Price deducted from CL 2020 tuition refund/rollover.
  • Activities: Lake, Pool, Ropes Course, Tennis, Basketball, Soccer, Jewelry, Tie Dye, General Crafts, Camp Style Relays, Circus, Flying Trapeze and so much more!
  • Wifi work stations at both the Media Center and Arts and Crafts porch.
  • Alcohol will be available for purchase throughout the day and night in various locations, for those 21 and over.
  • Private, upscale lodging available upon request.
  • We will be doubling up all mattresses and putting together two single beds to form one queen-sized bed in each bunk (kids will each have a single bed- just like at camp!)


  • Temperature checks upon arrival and throughout the week.
  • Please respect others and do not come to camp if you are not feeling well or if you have recently been exposed to COVID19.
  • We are recommending a self-quarantine prior to coming to camp.
  • Extensive cleaning of activity areas, hand sanitizer stations throughout camp, PPE gear to be worn when needed.
  • We will serve restaurant-quality food “to-go” for outside eating or dine in at a social distance.

Lindenmere Family Camp FAQ’S

Q. Why Family Camp 2020?

A. With this unprecedented time and the disappointment of not being able to attend camp as we all know it, we feel our kids AND parents would enjoy a 5, 4, or 3 night camp “get-away.” We know families are now looking for things to plan and combining that with your love for Lindenmere will create a memorable experience. We will serve meals and provide lots of fun activities, which you can participate in as much or as little as you’d like. Kids will be able to enjoy their summer home and parents will be able to experience camp as never before. It will be fun for the whole family as they enjoy some of what makes being at camp so special in a SAFE and socially distanced environment.

Q. What is Lindenmere Family Camp?

A. Check in will begin at 4 PM, camp will start around dinner (6PM) and last until after breakfast on Monday (9:30 AM) (except for LDW). Lindenmere Family Camp will be a 5, 4, or 3 night getaway, depending on your family’s preference. We will serve meals and provide day and evening activities, which you can participate in as much or as little as you’d like. It will be very campy and a great family escape. We are hosting four weeks of Lindenmere Family Camp as well as Labor Day Weekend.

The weeks are:

Week 1: August 13th – August 17th (4 nights)
Week 2: August 19th – August 24th (5 nights)
Labor Day Weekend: September 4th – September 7th (3 nights) *NEW 3 night option!

Q. What is the cost for Lindenmere Family Camp?

The costs have been broken down below (future Lindenmere campers, age four and under, are free). As a “Thank You” to all of our families, we will simply deduct this amount from the balance owed to you. So, you do NOT have to pay anything out of pocket! Families with insufficient credits can pay by check or credit card. We will also be offering upgraded, private housing. Prices are listed below.

Dates Nights Price Per person
(4 person min)
Price Private Housing
Week 1
8/13 – 8/17
4 Nights $115/night/person
Total: $460/person
Total: $600/person
Week 2
8/19 – 8/24
5 Nights $100/night/person
Total: $500/person
Total: $675/person
Labor Day Weekend
9/4 – 9/7
3 Nights $150/night/person
Total: $450/person
Total: $525/person

*Ages 4 and under are free.
*Minimum of 4 people per bunk.

Q. How do we officially enroll?

A. You can officially enroll by filling out the Bunk Registration form. Please make sure to send back this enrollment application to to reserve your spot. The response, as you can imagine, has been very positive. We will be accepting enrollments on a first come, first serve basis – so please do not delay!

Q. Can we come for less time, and if so, will there be a discount?

A. Yes, you can come late and/or leave early. However, there will not be a discount due to the limited space your family will occupy by renting a bunk.

Q. Do we get our OWN BUNK?

A. Yes, you do! You will not be sharing with anyone else… your family will get your own bunk which includes your own bathroom. However, you can mutually decide to share a bunk with extended family or friends. There is a four person minimum, so if you have less than four people, you will have to bring friend(s) or pay the fourth person amount.

Q. Can I bunk with my FRIENDS?

Yes, Yes, Yes!! SO FUN! As long as your parents agree, and they are in an adjoining bunk (share a porch with you). If you would be going into SENIOR CAMP (9th grade and above) you may register with your friends as long as at least one adult will be on camp! This adult can stay in our private accommodations instead of a bunk if interested.

Q. What’s the maximum occupancy for a bunk, and can we bring friends/family?

A. The maximum occupancy for a bunk is 10 people. Yes, you can bring friends and family, even if they aren’t Lindenmere families.

Q. What UPGRADED ACCOMMODATIONS do you offer and what is the cost?

A. We have an assortment of private housing available for families, who wish not to stay in a bunk. Private housing costs range from $135/person/night – $175/person/night, depending on the week you plan to attend. You can find the exact rate for your week under our COST FAQ. Please reach out to us if you would like to stay in a private accommodation. There are a limited number of these rooms available.

Q. What ACTIVITIES will be offered and do we have to participate?

A. We are finalizing activities to be offered. As of now, some of the activities include:

  1. Nature Hikes with Mitch
  2. Ultimate with Odie
  3. Zumba with Monica
  4. Outdoor Adventure with A.J.
  5. Basketball with Kyle and Dawda
  6. Jewelry with Hayley
  7. Fitness and Running with Wes
  8. Jewelry with Hayley
  9. Tie-Dye
  10. General crafts
  11. Tennis
  12. Pool
  13. Lake (Canoes, Boating, Swimming, Fishing, Water toys, etc.)
  14. Flying Trapeze
  15. Circus
  16. Sand Volleyball
  17. GAGA
  18. Color War Games
  19. All sporting areas will be open for families to join at their own leisure.
  20. And more….!!!

YOU and YOUR family can do as much, or as little, as you choose! Camp will be providing a sign up procedure for the activities. We will cap each activity at a certain number to ensure social distancing, however each activity will be offered multiple times every day so everyone will get to participate.

Q. Will there be EVENING activities or Color War?

A. Yes, every night we will have free play and then offer a “campy” evening activity. Each bunk will be assigned a color (your team) and all of the evening activities are worth color war points. There will be two color war activities each full day. Points will be totaled and the winner announced at the end of the week. Please pack blue and white clothing for these events. Yes, we will have a campfire in our fully renovated Teepee Village. We will offer canteen every night!

Q. Will alcohol be served during Family Camp?

A. Yes. For those over 21, alcohol will be served. Upon arrival, you will fill out your information to start a tab. We will keep track of your drinks throughout the week and charge your CC on file at the end of the week. Due to our liquor license, bringing your own alcohol is prohibited.

Q. Will Camp be safe from the VIRUS?

A. We will be doing everything that we can, but we can NOT guarantee anything. If this virus can find its way into the White House, it can show up anywhere. Below you will learn more about what we are doing to prevent it.

Q. What HEALTH/SAFETY plans does camp have?

A. We are asking that all families properly quarantine prior to coming to camp. CDC guidelines state that as being 2 weeks. Please do the best you can with this. If you have been exposed to anyone with COVID-19 please refrain from coming to camp. We will be doing wellness checks with infrared thermometers upon arrival and throughout the week of camp. If you have a fever, sadly we will ask you to leave for the safety of all. Camp will have 2 VP300ES professional cordless electrostatic backpack sprayers. They can cover up to 23,000 square feet on a single tank. 4 VP200ESK electrostatic hand held sprayer covering over 2,800 sq. ft. We will be using “GoGreenKlean” chlorinated disinfecting tablets that are certified for removing COVID-19. These will all be used to disinfect as many areas as possible every day. These are the latest and greatest in the fight of keeping things sanitized! There will also be hand sanitizers placed at every building throughout camp. Please use them every time you pass them, or before using any equipment on camp. Our staff will be wearing masks and gloves (when appropriate), so they will be hiding their smiles, but trust us they are there!

Q. Do we have to wear MASKS?

A. Whenever anyone enters a building or indoor facility they will be encouraged to wear a mask. Masks will be required in the Dining Hall. Most of what will happen during Family Camp will occur outside, where everything is “safer”. HOWEVER, if you (and your family) choose to wear a mask we will FULLY support you. Our staff will often be wearing masks and gloves especially, when in very close proximity with others. This is a challenging time for everyone and everyone handles it differently. You are in charge of YOU and YOUR family and YOU set the rules with what precautions your family takes. We will help in any way we can!

Q. Will there be areas where we can work?

A. Yes, we will have wifi set up at the media center, arts and crafts and the porch of the dining hall. We realize the business pressures many people are feeling and we will help you in any way we can. If you have any specific questions after you get here don’t hesitate to reach out.

Q. What SHOULD we bring?

A. Please bring sheets you own sheets, blankets, pillows, towels, stuffed animals and all other items you would bring when you and your family travel. We will have one queen-sized bed in each bunk and the rest will be singles… like the ones we use at camp! There’s lots of room in the bunks with extra cubby space, so don’t feel stressed to pack light. We will be supplying sporting equipment but feel free to bring anything with you. We have heard that some families plan to bring air mattresses, egg crates, crazy creeks, beach chairs, flashlights and other things that you usually pack for camp!

Q. What SHOULDN’T we bring?

A. We are a nut-free camp and all meals will be nut-free. Please do not bring any nut products onto camp. You do not need to bring any food, as we will be supplying all food on camp. However, if you feel you must, we ask that you bring limited amounts as food can quickly attract bugs in the bunks. As mentioned, we will provide alcohol (21+). Due to our liquor license, bringing your own alcohol is prohibited. Please do not bring any illegal substances onto camp property. We have designated smoking areas around camp – please do not smoke in or near a bunk. Also, please leave all animals at home. Thank you.

Q Will you be taking care of my kids?

A. No, this is a family week, where parents will supervise their own children. We will be running activities for families, and working to provide a safe and clean camp. We will not have the staffing to fully supervise children as we would during our camp season.

Family Camp Sample Schedule

Arrival Night
Time Activity
4:00 – 6:00PM Arrival & Welcome Drinks & Unpack/Settle In
4:00 – 6:00PM Dinner & Bar Open
8:15 PM Evening Activity – Name That Tune
9:00PM Canteen/Bar/S’mores
Sample Daily Schedule
8:00 AM Morning Fitness Class
9:00 AM Breakfast available
10:15 AM – 1:00 PM Afternoon Activities Including:
Ropes Course, Pool, Lake, Tie Dye,
Crafts, Jewelry Circus, Flying Trapeze,
Sports Fields for Personal Use, Zumba
& Aerobics… and more!
12:00 – 2:00 PM Lunch available
2:00 – 3:00 PM Rest Hour
3:00 – 5:00PM Afternoon Activities Including:
Ropes Course, Pool, Lake, Tie Dye,
Crafts, Jewelry Circus, Flying Trapeze,
Sports Fields for Personal Use, Zumba
& Aerobics… and more!
5:00 – 6:00PM Happy Hour & Games
6:00 – 8:00PM Dinner available
8:15 PM Color War Evening Activity
9:00 PM Canteen/Bar/S’mores

Plus much much more! See you at Camp!