Staff Profiles: Athletics


Logan Cherni


Avon Lake, OH
This is Logan’s fourth summer heading at Lindenmere and this summer he makes the move to Head of Athletics. A lover of all sports, Logan’s passion for hockey, in particular, has had him on the ice rink or street court since a very young age. A couple of other favorites are basketball and baseball. When it comes to sports, Logan knows that fundamentals are the key to helping individuals play better on a team and will do whatever it takes to ensure that our campers have great athletic programs to attend each day to enhance their skill set. We are excited to watch him excel in his new role! Welcome back, Logan!

Sam Sonnen


Cleveland, United Kingdom
Sam is excited to come back for his fourth summer at Lindenmere, where he will take on a new role as Assistant Head of Athletics. In his new position, Sam will help coordinate our athletic programs, planning inter-camp matches and developing events to keep our campers engaged and excited out on the fields. Sam’s outgoing personality and friendly nature makes him popular with our campers and he is always a positive influence around camp. Welcome back, Sam!


Nicolas Roselli

State College, PA
This is Nicolas’ first summer at Camp Lindenmere and he joins us as one of our basketball counselors. A skilled basketball player, Nicolas coached two teams while in high school and has participated in many clinics. Basketball is his one true passion and he is excited to get to spend the summer out on the basketball court, watching our campers take pride in their game and ability. Aside from playing sports, Nicolas studies Public Relations at Pennsylvania State University. We thrilled to have Nicolas aboard. Welcome!

Divin Kiokio

Dublin, Ireland
Divin joins us for his first summer here at camp, where he will be a basketball counselor. Divin has been shooting hoops since he was six years old. He has played internationally and is now on the team at the University of Dublin. When not on the basketball court, Divin also enjoys playing soccer and volleyball. We are thrilled to have Divin here at camp for the summer!



Bruno Botas

Oleiros, Spain
This is Bruno’s fifth summer at Camp Lindenmere and his first summer on our staff. Bruno joins us as a soccer counselor and our campers will be thrilled to someone as skilled as Bruno showing them the ropes. Bruno has played soccer since he was 5 years old and has competed in several state tournaments. His soccer skills are top-notch and he can’t wait to kick the ball around with our kids this summer. When Bruno is not on the soccer field, he enjoys fitness workouts and playing rugby. He is also very patient and a great listener, qualities that will make him a great addition to our team. Welcome back to camp, Bruno!


Carly Farr

Seneca, SC
This will be Carly’s first summer at Lindenmere, where she joins our Athletic Department as a soccer counselor. Carly has played soccer for 15 years and is currently on the club team at the University of South Carolina. Carly is always eager to jump in wherever she is needed and can’t wait to kick around the ball with our campers this summer. She is also upbeat and positive, traits which extend to those who surround her. We know she will be an asset to girls’ camp and our Athletic Department. Welcome to camp, Carly!


Blake Samaha

Coconut Creek, FL
After spending four summers as a camper at Lindenmere, Blake returns to us as a staff member this summer. Blake will be a fitness counselor, which suits him perfectly, as fitness is one of his passions. Blake enjoys Crossfit and has created his own Crossfit drills for many years. He looks forward to helping our campers stay healthy and fit while at camp this summer. When he’s not at camp, Blake is studies nursing at Southwestern Florida State College. Excited to have you here at camp this summer, Blake!



Raven Rivera

East Stroudsburg, PA
This is Raven’s first summer at Lindenmere and we will be welcoming him as our skateboarding counselor. Raven has been skateboarding since he was 10 years old and, in 2016, he competed in the Philly AM Skateboard Contest, one of the Northeast’s premier skateboard contests. He is currently studying Criminal Justice at Bob Jones University in South Carolina with the hopes of entering the law enforcement field. Raven also enjoys photography and mountain boarding. Welcome to camp, Raven!

Troy Taylor

Baltimore, MD
This is Troy’s first summer at Lindenmere, where he will be one of our skateboarding counselors. Troy has been skateboarding for 6 years now and is looking forward to heading out to our skate park and teaching our campers some of his favorite tricks. When he is not skateboarding, Troy can be found enjoying art, especially drawing. Troy goes to the Maryland Institute College of Art, where he is a sculpture major. We are excited to have Troy on staff this summer! Welcome!



Adam Mack

Yardley, PA
Adam can’t wait to join us for his third summer at Lindenmere, where he will be instructing our campers in the art of fencing, once again! A experienced fencer, Adam is a two-time fencing national finalist and a NCAA Fencing Regional participant. Before the summer ends, our campers will know the difference between the foil, the saber and the sword! Adam loves to have fun and his exuberant nature is sure to rub off on everyone around him. Welcome back, Adam!

Yoga / Aerobics

Stephanie Hernandez

Gilbert, AZ
This is Stephanie’s first summer at camp, where she will be stepping into the role of Yoga/Aerobics counselor. Stephanie, a graduate of Arizona State University, is a certified Zumba instructor who also instructs dance at an elementary school. She is passionate about staying fit and living a healthy lifestyle and looks forward to working on fitness and exercise routines this summer with our campers. Welcome to camp, Stephanie!

Emily Redhead

Norwich, United Kingdom
Emily Redhead joins us at camp for the first time this summer, where she will be working as a counselor in fitness, yoga and aerobics. In addition to those activities, Emily also enjoys tennis, singing, swimming, and ballet. Emily is currently getting her doctorate in Medicine at the University of East Anglia in Great Britain. Emily is sure to be a source of positivity around camp this summer and we are thrilled to have her here. Welcome!



Zain Ahmed

Fort Lee, NJ
After spending many years as a camper and LT, Zain is returning to camp for his 8th summer. A friendly face around camp, Zain’s fun-loving personality is sure to rub off on those around him. This summer, Zain joins our Athletic Department as a General Athletics counselor and he’s thrilled to spend his days out on our fields, playing a variety of sports and teaching new skills to our campers. So happy to have Zain back at his summer home!

General Athletics


Josh Katz

Towaco, NJ
Joshua is back at Camp Lindenmere for his 7th summer, although this is his first as staff member. This summer, Josh can be found out on the fields as a general athletics counselor. Skilled in a variety of sports, he considers soccer, hockey, and baseball to be his favorites. As a counselor, Josh is looking forward to seeing our campers venture out of their comfort zones and trying new things. Josh loves to tell jokes and make people laugh, qualities that are sure to make him a favorite around camp. Thrilled to have you back at camp this summer, Josh!

Quentin Dooley

New York, NY
Quentin is returning for his 7th Lindemere summer, and his first year on staff here at camp. A longtime camper, he is thrilled to join the ranks of our Athletic Department as a General Athletics counselor. Quentin always keeps a smile on his face and looks forward to encouraging our campers to try new activities and to just have fun . When not doing athletics, Quentin loves to juggle and work on his fitness program. We are thrilled to welcome Quentin back to camp this year as a counselor!


Noah Yahney

North Bellmore, NY
This will be Noah’s 8th summer at Camp Lindenmere and his first summer on staff. He can’t wait to get back to his summer home as a General Athletics counselor. Noah has been playing basketball his whole life and campers will be sure to pick up some new tricks and skills after working with him. Noah is patient, kind, and great with kids, so he is sure to be a positive influence on boys’ camp and on the fields. This fall, Noah will begin studying at SUNY Albany, but for now, he is excited to be back at camp. Welcome back, Noah!

Jack Zeliger

New York, NY
We are so excited to welcome Jack back to camp for his thirteenth summer! After completing our Leadership Training program, Jack joins us this year for the first time as staff and will be joining our Athletic Department. Full of energy and always ready to play a friendly sports game, Jack is sure to create a positive and fun environment for all of our campers. We are excited to have Jack back at his summer home! Welcome back!

Jesse Rosenblum

Fair Lawn, NJ
This is Jesse’s 8th summer at Camp Lindenmere, but his first time on our staff. Jesse will part of our Athletic Department, teaching general athletic, and he can’t imagine spending his summer anywhere else. Jesse enjoys basketball, volleyball, hockey and baseball, but when he’s not outside being active, he also enjoys art and stained glass. A friendly and familiar face around camp, Jesse will be a great addition to our staff this summer. Welcome back!

Xavier DeLorme

East Stroudsburg, PA
A former three year camper, Xavier heads back to Lindenmere this summer for his first year on staff. Xavier is passionate about soccer but loves all sports and will be a great fit as a General Athletics counselor. Full of energy with an easy-going personality, Xavier has what it takes to be a great counselor and we are thrilled to welcome him to our staff this summer. Welcome back to camp, Xavier!


Josh Foster-Storch

Newtown, PA
This marks Josh’s 7th summer at Camp Lindenmere, but his first summer as staff. Josh joins our Athletic Department as a General Athletics counselor. An avid sports fan, Josh will be attending the University of Tampa in the fall and is looking to go into the Sports Management field. When he isn’t playing sports, Josh also enjoys cooking and art. Always positive and upbeat, Josh will be a wonderful counselor and we thrilled to have him back here at camp!


Dawson Lott

Oak Harbor, OH
This is Dawson’s first summer at Lindenmere and we are happy to welcome him as our archery counselor. Experienced in the field of archery, Dawson is excited to help our campers learn new skills in a safe learning environment. In his free time, Dawson also enjoys photography and playing guitar. In the fall, Dawson will continue his studies at Ohio University, where he is studying Athletic Training.