Staff Profiles: Creative Arts

Digital Photography


Lucille Fletcher

London, England
Lucille will be joining Camp Lindenmere for her first summer as part of the photography team. Lucille loves the art of photography and is excited to share that joy with our campers and to teach them about the equipment and lighting. Lucille is studying photography at John Moores University in Liverpool. Welcome to camp, Lucille!

Web Design

Trishma Sharma

Leicestershire, UK
Trishma is coming to Camp Lindenmere for her first summer and will be the Web Design counselor. Trishma currently studies Communication Technologies at Nottingham University in the United Kingdom and she also spends time teaching primary school children basic ICT skills. When she isn’t working on computers, Trisha also enjoys swimming and karate. Welcome to camp, Trishma, we are thrilled to have you on board!


Natalia Adamou

Gloucestershire, UK
This is Natalia’s first summer at Camp Lindenmere and she will be on staff as a Video and Media Counselor. Natalia is currently studying film production at the University of Gloucestershire in the United Kingdom and she also has a YouTube channel with over 36k subscribers. Additionally, Natalia has attended a British Film Institute course, which helped her land a spot at their prestigious residential academy. Here, she produced a film that was screened at the BFI Festival in London. Friendly, with an easy-going nature, Natalia will be a wonderful counselor and addition to the Camp Lindenmere team and she can’t wait to start teaching our campers some new video skills. Welcome to camp, Natalia!


Manny Edwards

Henryville, PA
Manasseh joins us at camp for the first time, and will be our newspaper counselor. Manny is currently studying graphic design at Moravian College in Pennsylvania and in his free time, he loves to hike and play soccer. Friendly and fun, Manasseh will be a great person to have on staff and we look forward to having him with us this summer. Welcome!

Fashion Design


Kasian Said

Vlaardingen, Netherlands
This is Kasian’s first summer at Camp Lindenmere and she will be our fashion design counselor. Kasian’s mom, a seamstress, taught Kasian to sew at age nine. Once she learned, Kasian became busy making clothing for her dolls. Now Kasian has moved on to designing and making her own clothing and we can’t wait to see the creations our campers come up with under her guidance! During the school year, Kasian studies English education at HU University in the Netherlands. We are so happy to have you here this summer, Kasian!



Janaya Musleh

Liverpool, UK
Janaya joins us for the first time this summer, as part of our cooking staff. Janaya has always enjoyed cooking and also has a great deal of experience working in restaurants and bistros. Enthusiastic and creative, Janaya is ready to take on camp and is sure to be a positive influence on campus. Welcome to camp, Janaya, we are glad you are here!

Niamh Nelson

Liverpool, UK
Niamh is coming to Camp Lindenmere for her first summer and will be a cooking counselor. Niamh has three years of experience as a chef and has worked in many different restaurants. Niamh loves cooking as an inventive way to bring people together and can’t wait to create some fun, new dishes with our budding chefs! When not cooking Niamh loves photography and playing guitar and she also graduated from Roby Community College with a degree in Art and Design. So happy to have you on staff, Niamh! Welcome!

Sam Fuqua

Chappaqua, NY
This is Sam’s 9th summer at camp, but his first on staff. Sam, a long time camper, joins us this summer as a cooking counselor and we are so glad to have him on board! Sam has always had a passion for cooking and has helped with the cooking at home since he was very young. As part of our Leadership Training program, Sam also spent two summers assisting our cooking counselors. He is definitely ready to take on this new role and we can’t wait to taste the delicious dishes he creates with our young chefs. Welcome back to camp, Sam!