Staff Profiles: Fine Art


Alison Greenberg


Pennington, New Jersey
Alison is excited to return to the Lindenmere Art Building this summer, for her eighth summer as the Department Head! Having experienced camp herself as a child, she looks forward to creating an equally memorable experience for the Lindenmere campers by providing them with art projects that are exciting, interesting and unique. Prior to coming to Lindenmere, Alison was a JCC art director for three summers. She graduated from SUNY Binghamton with a degree in History and then graduated from Albany Law School. Alison spends the winter keeping up with the latest crazes, as well as finding and creating new projects that we know our campers will love. Once again, Alison will take our art program to new heights this summer! Welcome back!


Chenowa Wendel

Howell, NJ
Chenowa will be coming back to Lindenmere for the second time this summer, working on ceramics with our campers. She grew up with a ceramics shop in her backyard, a business owned and operated by her parents, which has given her over eleven years of experience spinning, molding and sculpting clay. Chenowa taught her younger siblings and children in the neighborhood to work with ceramics and this background will be useful as she works with our budding artists at camp. Welcome, Chenowa, we are glad to have you back!

Poppy Heaver

Midhurst, UK
This is Poppy’s first summer at Lindenmere and she will be one of our ceramics counselors. Poppy has studied the art of ceramics since she was a young child and looks forward to helping our campers create some fun projects this summer. During the year, Poppy studies Anthropology at Oxford Brookes University in England. Positive and fun, Poppy will be a great asset to camp and to girls’ side. We are super excited to have her join our team!

General Crafts

Kristen Montan

Landing, NJ
This is Kristen’s second summer at Lindenmere and she’s excited to get to crafting with our campers once again. Kristen has a creative mind and is skilled at not just crafting, but also coming up with fun and interesting project ideas. Kristen also worked at a summer camp prior to coming to Lindenmere , so she has a great deal of experience working with kids, which is something she adores. We are so happy to have you back at camp this summer, Kristen!


Bari Greenwald

Livingston, NJ
This is Bari’s first summer on staff here at Lindenmere but it will be her twelfth consecutive summer! This longtime camper-turned-staff will be working as a crafts counselor this summer. Bari is super creative and always coming up with new ideas and will be a great addition to our Art Department. Bari is fun and compassionate and will be a great role model for our campers. We are super excited to have Bari on staff this year.


Maia Karten

Mamaroneck, NY
This is Maia’s 7th summer at Lindenmere, but her first as a staff member. After completing our Leadership Training program last summer, Maia now joins us as an Arts and Crafts counselor. Maia loves to build and create new things and always comes up with fun ideas. IN addition to crafting and being creative, Maia loves to cheerlead and encourage team spirit. We are excited to see Maia getting everyone pumped and ready for camp. Welcome back to camp, Maia!


Alex Marsek

Montclair, NJ
This is Alex’s second summer as our jewelry counselor and we are thrilled to have her back! Alex is extremely creative and is amazing at teaching our campers to make friendship bracelets, using all kinds of stitches. She loves art and crafting, in general, so it’s a treat for her to be in our art building, surrounded by like-minded campers. Fun-loving and always with a smile, Alex is a pleasure to have around camp and we are thrilled she’s back! Welcome!

Drawing & Painting

Tyla Mayne

Victoria, Australia
This is Tyla’s first summer at camp, where she will be teaching Drawing and Painting. Tyla is passionate about art and she has prior experience teaching kids to draw, sketch and paint, as part of an art program that she ran. Tyla studied studio art in school and spends a lot of her free time sketching. Friendly and fun-loving, Tyla will have a positive impact on girls’ side and all throughout camp. We are so happy she is here! Welcome to camp, Tyla!


Jamie Austin

Cheltenham, PA
This is Jamie’s second summer at Lindenmere and she will take on the role of tie dye counselor. There truly isn’t anymore more perfect for this position than Jamie, who is a tie dye aficionado! She knows all kinds of fun and crazy patterns and can’t wait to see what creations our campers come up with. Jamie is sunny and smiley and a joy to see around camp. We are thrilled to have her back and know our campers will be delighted, as well! Welcome back, Jamie!

Stained Glass


Isabelle Antonious

Billerica, MA
This is Isabelle’s first summer at Lindenmere and we welcome her as our stained glass/glass fusion counselor. Isabelle has spent three years as an art instructor at the Student Union Craft Center at the her college, the University of Massachusetts. Through this job, she has gained experience through teachings and practice in the art of stained glass work. Isabelle loves kids and teaching and is planning for a career in secondary education after college graduation. Welcome to camp, Isabelle!


Swizel Fernandes

London, England
This is Swizel’s first summer at Camp Lindenmere and she will be our woodworking counselor. Swizel has been taken design courses since she was 11 years old, working with wood and other materials. Wood is her favorite medium to work with, because of the endless possibilities.  Swizel is excited to help the kids create amazing projects and learn safe methods in woodworking. Currently Swizel studies Industrial Design at Coventry University in the United Kingdom. Our campers are sure to create some fun and interesting projects in woodworking this summer and we can’t wait to see how they turn out. Welcome to camp, Swizel!


Morgan Bryan

Portal, GA
Morgan joins us at camp for the first time this summer and will be our candle making instructor. Morgan loves the arts and is very creative, making her a great addition to our Art Department. When she is not creating art, Morgan loves to play the trumpet and go swimming. She currently is studying Linguistics at the Southern Georgia University. We are eager to have Morgan join our Camp Lindenmere family!

Heat Press

Janelle Winchester

Carlisle, PA
This will be Janelle’s second summer at Lindenmere and she can’t wait to help our campers with some awesome creations using our heat press! Janelle, who loves art and photography, is extremely creative and is the perfect addition to our art department. Janelle is sweet and responsible, and she is a source of positivity around camp. Our campers are going to have a wonderful time in our heat press this summer, under Janelle’s direction. Welcome back!


Alexander Paterson-Jones

Cape Town, South Africa
This is Alexander’s first summer at Lindenmere and he can’t wait to amaze and delight the campers with his magic skills. Alexander studied at the College of Magic for four years and has learned countless tricks that he looks forward to sharing with our future magicians. Imaginative and fun-loving, Alexander will be a great addition to boys’ side and to camp as a whole. Welcome to camp, Alexander!