Staff Profiles: Leadership Team

Division Leaders


Hayley Garfinkel

New York, NY
We are so thrilled to have Hayley back at camp once more, returning for her third summer as Division Leader. Hayley, who is spending her 12th summer here at camp, will be overseeing our junior girls and we know these bunks are going to thrive under Hayley’s guidance. During the school year, Hayley is a beloved Pre-K teacher in New York City, and she will expertly transfer her leadership skills from the classroom to our camp. Welcome back to camp, Hayley! We are so happy you are here.


Trevor Lyons

Strasberg, CO
This is Trevor’s third summer back at camp and this summer he takes on the role of Division Leader for our junior boys. Trevor’s camp passion and energy can’t be beat and kids are naturally drawn to his engaging personality. Trevor goes out of his way to make sure all the campers are happy and having the best summer of their lives and our junior boys are lucky to have Trevor to lean on. We are thrilled to welcome you back to camp, Trevor!


Rebecca “Bec” Kertes

Victoria, Australia
This is Bec’s second summer at Lindenmere and she is excited to take on a new role – Division Leader for middle camp girls. Bec brings to camp a fun, loving energy that others can’t help but emulate. We know that Bec will do whatever it takes to provide our campers with the best summer of their lives and we are so happy she’s back!


Sydney McEvoy

Sydney, Australia
Sydney is eager to come back and join us for her third summer at Lindenmere. This summer Sydney makes the move from dance counselor to Division Leader, where she will oversee some of our middle camp girls. Warm, friendly, responsible, and patient are all qualities Sydney possesses, which makes her ideal for our leadership team. She is beloved by so many of our campers and we can’t wait to watch her shine in her new position here at camp. Welcome back, Sydney!


Alice Balhatchet

Berkshire, UK
Alice is eager to come back and join us for her fourth summer at Lindenmere. This summer Alice once again takes on the role of Division Leader for our middle camp girls. Compassionate and fun, Alice is a beloved member of our staff whose positive energy is contagious. Our middle grade campers are fortunate to have someone like Alice to count on and we are happy she will be with us once again this summer. Welcome back, Alice!


Nick Mentoor

Paarl, South Africa
Nick returns to camp for the fifth time this summer and he can’t wait to return to his role as Division Leader for our Middle Camp boys. When he isn’t at Lindenmere, Nick works at leadership and recreational camps and also focuses on challenge course development. He is passionate about hiking, biking and being outdoors and he also adores working with children. He is looking forward to making a positive impact on our middle camp boys again this summer. Welcome back to camp, Nick!


Ryan Cummings

Mount Pleasant, MI
This is Ryan’s first summer at Lindenmere and he will be a Division Leader for our middle camp boys. While he is new to Lindenmere, Ryan has a diverse camp background, having gained years of experience in camp leadership and directing at another camp. Responsible and experienced, Ryan will do a fabulous job overseeing our boys’ bunks, working with counselors, and ensuring that all of our campers are safe, happy, and having the best summer ever! So happy to welcome Ryan to Lindenmere this summer!


Kyle Garfinkel

Boca Raton, FL
This is Kyle’s 11th summer at camp and he can’t picture spending his time anywhere else. After spending the last summer as our Assistant Athletic Director, Kyle looks forward to his new position as Division Leader for middle camp. Kyle’s warm and outgoing personality has always been an instant hit with our campers and we are thrilled to have him overseeing our middle grade boys. Welcome back, Kyle!


Alexandra Persechino

Lancashire, UK
This will be Alex’s fifth summer at Lindenmere, and she joins us once again as Division Leader for senior camp girls. With her caring and kind demeanor, Alex is known to be a great influence to so many girls around camp. She’s an excellent problem-solver who always keeps a level head and our senior girls will greatly enjoy spending time with her this summer. Welcome back to camp, Alex!


Ceri Angell

Cardiff, UK
This is Ceri’s second summer at Lindenmere and while she was an amazing piano and vocals counselor last summer, her outstanding leadership skills earned her a spot as Division Leader this summer. Ceri can’t wait to take on this new role as DL for our senior camp girls. Ceri loves camp and has an innate ability to develop an amazing rapport with kids of all ages. Our senior campers will grow to depend on her and look up to her and she will always have their best interests at heart. Welcome back, Ceri!

Dawda Njie

Metter, GA
Dawda is excited for another summer at Camp Lindenmere – his seventh! His friendly and outgoing nature has always been an instant hit with our campers and this summer he returns to his position as Division Leader for our senior boys. The respect that he has for his campers and the ability to relate to each of them has been reciprocated in the way the campers looked to him with respect as a role model. Dawda has always made a conscious effort to get to know all of the campers as well as making every effort to be a part of everything camp has to offer. With his positive energy, likability, and love for camp, he will do whatever he can to make sure our senior boys have an amazing summer! Welcome back!


Wesley Imundo


Kennesaw, GA
We are beyond happy to welcome Wes back to camp in a permanent role, as one of our Assistant Directors. This will be Wes’ seventh summer with us at Lindenmere, and this summer he will focus on planning special events and activities, as well as coordinating trip days, evening activities, and, of course, working hard to plan the best Color War yet! Wes’ ability to relate to the campers, act as a role model, as well as show constant camp spirit makes him a great leader to our campers. We know that with his maturity, ability to have fun, and his passion for camp, our campers are in for an amazing summer. Welcome back!

Tara Bannerman


Nowra, Australia
This marks Tara’s eleventh summer at Lindenmere and she couldn’t be more excited to return to camp. This summer, as Event Coordinator, she will work alongside Wes to create the best activities yet. With each summer, Tara becomes more and more of a leader and positive role model to our staff and campers. Tara’s love and passion for Lindenmere and our campers is infectious and we know that with her camp spirit, outgoing personality and knowledge of our program that our campers are in for a summer they will never forget!


Jacq Keegan


Liverpool, UK
Jacq is excited to make his journey all the way from England for his sixth summer at Lindenmere. Creative and energetic, Jacq is full of great ideas and has already been working hard to ensure that our programming is top-notch this summer. He will be checking in daily with our various departments to make sure everything is running smoothly, so that our campers can have the best possible experience this summer. We can’t wait to see what he has in store for us for 2018! Welcome back, Jacq!