Staff Profiles: Outdoor Adventure


Alex “AJ” Jordan


Fort Collins, CO
AJ returns to Lindenmere for his seventh summer and looks forward to leading our Outdoor Adventure counselors down at the ropes course. As a counselor he spent his days guiding campers through the course, improving their skills, and worked hard to instill confidence in our campers. Having been a Boy Scout since a very young age, he has a variety of experience in nature and the outdoors. For the past few years he has spent his winter months working at various challenge courses where he helped facilitate over 16 high and low elements to 7,000 people a week. AJ’s love for camp had him thinking of our Outdoor Adventure Program all winter and of new ways to help keep it dynamic and exciting. AJ’s spirit for Lindenmere, passion for working with children along with a love for the outdoors ensures he will do whatever it takes to keep our program dynamic and exciting for our campers. Welcome back, AJ!

Jeremy Woodall

Boise, ID
Jeremy is excited to join us for his sixth summer at Lindenmere. Having grown up as a camper himself with a love of the outdoors, he can’t wait to return to Lindenmere as part of our Outdoor Adventure team. With his love for camp and the outdoors, and his leadership abilities, Jeremy will ensure that our campers are having the summer of their lives. Welcome back!

Michaela Tham

London, England
This is Michaela’s first summer at Camp Lindenmere and she will be one of our Outdoor Adventure counselors. Michaela has been participating in high ropes courses through high school and beyond and navigates tough courses with confidence. Easy-going and personable, Michaela will quickly earn the campers’ trust and will be a positive role model throughout camp. Welcome, Michaela!


Sian Simpson

St. Helens, UK
This is Sian’s first summer at Lindenmere and she joins our Outdoor Adventure team. She loves trying out new ropes courses in her free time and is excited to work with our campers this summer. Sian also enjoys working with children and looks forward to creating new memories at camp this summer. During the school year, Sian studies marketing at Beckett University in the United Kingdom. Welcome to camp, Sian!

Jake Gower

Southampton, UK
This will be Jake’s first summer at Lindenmere, where he joins our Outdoor Adventure team. Jake is experienced out on the ropes course and looks forward to assisting our young navigators out on the course. Jake, who graduates from Southampton Solent College next year, also enjoys football and soccer in his spare time. Welcome to camp, Jake!

Harry Croft

Bedfordshire, UK
Harry is joining us in Outdoor Adventure this summer and this is also his first summer here at camp. A qualified outdoor education instructor, Harry has prior experience working at a high ropes course where he was responsible for customer safety. Harry is very patient and kind and will be a fantastic role model for all campers. During the year, Harry attends University of Central Lancashire, studying genetic forensics. Welcome, Harry!

Kayla Harris

Salem, MA
Michaela is a first-time staffer here at camp and we are excited to welcome her to our Outdoor Adventure team. Michaela loves working with children and is currently studying early childhood education at Wheaton College in Massachusetts. Certified in ropes and experienced as a co-leader in the Wheaton College outdoor orientation program, Michaela can’t wait to get out on the course with the kids to teach them new skills and safety measures. We are so happy to have you here at camp, Michaela!

Kaitlyn Bryant

Sanford, NC
Kaitlyn joins us at camp for the first time this summer and will be part of our Outdoor Adventure staff. Kaitlyn enjoys tackling a challenging rope course and enjoys anything involving the outdoors. Energetic with a positive attitude, Kaitlyn will be a great addition to our staff and we are thrilled to have Kaitlyn with us for the summer! Welcome!

Bikes / Ropes

Matthew Bigland

North Yorkshire, UK
Matthew comes from the UK to spend his summer with us at Lindenmere for the second time. An avid outdoorsman, Matthew first took up mountain biking 9 years ago. Since then, it has become a sport that he practices regularly. He looks forward to teaching our campers about bike maintenance, biking in mud, on hills or flat terrain and, of course, safety procedures. Matthew enjoys working with children and most recently has worked as a martial arts coach, helping kids advance to the next level. He is dedicated and hardworking and we are happy to welcome him back this summer!

Declan Dugan

Waterlooville, UK
Declan joins us at Lindenmere for the first time this summer and will be overseeing Mountain Biking, an activity he has spent many years taking part in. When not at camp, Declan attends South Downs College in Great Britain, and aspires to be a police officer. Friendly and personable, Declan will be a great addition to our staff We are thrilled to welcome you to camp, Declan!