Staff Profiles: Tennis


Elias Fernandez


Fulton, MO
This is Elias’ third summer back at Lindenmere, where he will once again be heading up our Tennis department. Elias has been playing tennis his entire life, and has been coaching for the past eight years. Elias is both professional and dedicated and he’s looking forward to creating fun drills for the campers, so they can enjoy their time on the courts, while also having fun. We are so happy to be welcoming Elias back to camp this summer!


Nico Galleguillo

Catamarca, Argentina
We are so excited to welcome Nico back to our Tennis department for the fourth summer in a row! Nico is a skilled tennis player, who, as a young child, trained under great coaches that helped him hone his talent. Nico has worked various holiday programs for children throughout his years at school and he has also led running clinics and giving personal lessons to kids. With Nico’s love of tennis and his desire to help children succeed, our young athletes will have a great summer down on our courts. Welcome back to camp!

Tania Teruel

Maryville, MO
Tania is excited to be coming to Camp Lindenmere for her first summer and will be one of our tennis counselors. Tania is a wonderful and seasoned tennis player, as she has been playing for ten years. She enjoys teaching kids and creating an exciting learning environment. Aside from playing tennis, Tania also studies criminology at Northwest Missouri State University. Thrilled to have you at camp, Tania!

Paula Nieto

This is Paula’s first summer at Lindenmere, and she is so excited to be part of our tennis department. Paula grew up on the courts and considers tennis to be one of her greatest passions. She also loves helping children grow their skills and delight in their accomplishments. Paula can’t wait to see what our campers can achieve this summer on the tennis court! Welcome to camp, Paula!

Reeves McAlhany

Wando, SC
This is Reeves’ first summer at Lindenmere, and she will be joining us as a tennis counselor. Reeves has been playing tennis since the age of 2 and played on her school’s varsity team. Aside from tennis, teaching is another one of her great joys, and she is currently enrolled at Clemson University, with the goal of becoming a high school history teacher. Friendly and fun, Reeves will be a delight to have around camp! Welcome, Reeves!

Joao Almeida

Bolivar, MO
We are happy to welcome Joao to camp this summer for the first time as a tennis counselor. Joao has been playing tennis for years and played college tennis for one of the best teams in the nation for Division 2 and was also involved in 2 tennis camps for Southern Baptist University. He can’t wait to hit some balls around with our campers and to teach them new skills to improve their game. Joao is personable and easy to talk to and our campers will quickly find him to be a fun person to be around. Welcome to camp!