Wayne, NJ


3rd Year Camper, 2016-2019

“I have learned to do so many cool things.”

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As I stepped of that bus as a 8 year old I was amazed. Camp has been such an opportunity to make friends, spend time with people I love, and have the time of my life. I have been going to Camp Lindenmere for 3 years and I love it more then anything. it makes me exited for summer. Yes I missed my family but have the best people to talk to made it so much better.

The activities are endless and I have learned to do so many cool things. I am literally obsessed with circus. I have learned to do things I have never done before including flying trapeze, hammoks, silks, lyra, swinging trapeze, static trapeze, and soooo much more.

Camp was an amazing experience for me. I always look forward to it as the days get closer. every morning I wake up thinking yay! it’s one more day closer to camp! I love it so much and I am exited for summer of 2019!!!!


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