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“I didn’t know how much my life would change.”

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Camp Lindenmere is my home and my family! Back in 2011 was my first year at Lindenmere. Right when I got there, I was this nervous 9 year old who has never been to a sleepaway camp and who hasn’t been away from home for more than just a few days, let alone 6 weeks. The only reason I was nervous was because at that time I didn’t know how much my life would change.

My first year, I had a lot of fun, but I missed my parents and being home. Then for my second year, my 3 family friends from home came with me to camp and that’s when I opened up a lot more and made the friends that are now my forever friends. And as years went on, I became less shy and I was more myself. I connected with a ton of the counselors, who by the way are the best. They’re super sweet and they’re also so much fun. I also made a ton of new friends over the years and I’m connected with so many and to this day we’re still friends.

There’s also so many activities at camp. The two activities I do the most are theater and tennis and I’ve been with the same group of people in those activities and it makes making friends so much easier. Then as I got older, I started hanging out with the younger kids and I’ve had a lot of them looking up to me and I love them to death. Now, for Summer 2019, I get to be their LT and I’m super excited about it.

All my friends are my friends by choice and family by chance. I wouldn’t be even close to the person I am today if I didn’t go to Lindenmere. So thank you to everyone at camp from the past 9 years because you all changed me for the better!!! 🙂 Then. Now. Always.

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