New York, NY


7th Year Camper, 2013-2019

“Summer is your time to choose, your time of freedom, and summer camp --especially Lindenmere-- celebrates that. ”

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Summer is truly the time of the kid. Summer in general is a time to let loose and explore new possibilities and experiences, when we are not restrained by the sort of obligations and duties (and frigid weather) that hold us back during the school year. Lindenmere is the sort of place where everything can be done. Flying trapeze? Sure! Mountain biking? Of course! Horseback riding? When do we start?

But summer camp isn’t just about activities. It’s also about — and I know this sounds cliche, but bear with me — friendship. Friends to giggle with late into the night. Friends to perform embarrassing dance routines with at the camp talent show. Friends to yell encouragements to you when you’re almost at the top of the rock wall, when your knees are shaking, your heart is pounding, but you’ve never felt more alive.

Camp is a different world, a place that dedicates every day to the pursuit of fun. Summer is your time to choose, your time of freedom, and summer camp –especially Lindenmere– celebrates that. It’s a wild adventure, but you’re on the journey with your friends at your side, a breeze at your back, and a smile on your face.

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