The cabins are designed to have a rustic, mountainous appeal from the outside with modern, comfortable amenities on the inside. Each cabin is divided into two bunks that each hold 8-12 campers and 3 staff.

Bunk Amenities

  • Campers sleep on solid wood cot sized beds, with foam, vinyl covered mattresses.
  • Each camper has their own cubby to store clothes and personal items. There is also shelving and hanging space throughout the cabins.
  • Each bunk has it’s own bathroom with three individual shower stalls, two toilets, and two sinks.
  • All bathrooms have been completely renovated and recently upgraded.
  • Each cabin has ample electrical outlets to meet the personal needs of each camper.
  • Laundry is done once per week. It is collected, washed, folded, and delivered the next day.

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