Dining & Nutrition

Tasty, well-balanced meals are served in a comfortable air-conditioned dining room with salad bar, baked potato and sweet potato bar available at both lunch and dinner. Additionally, a pasta bar and nacho bar are available at each dinner.  We strive to make sure that there is something for everyone.  We offer multiple main dish options at nearly every meal so that even the pickiest of eaters have something they like.  Kids favorites such as chicken fingers, grilled cheese and quesadillas are rotated as a daily option along with other things like sliders and fish and chips.  This gives your child options every meal!


  • Campers are encouraged to maintain a diet that is diverse and nutritional in order to support them throughout an active day. A healthy diet helps children achieve their full physical, social and emotional potential.
  • Mealtime is more than just eating. Cabins sit family style so that bunkmates can use that time to connect with each other.
  • We don’t all share the same tastes and preferences. That’s why we make sure that campers always have multiple options available.
  • We are allergen sensitive and can accommodate most dietary restrictions.


  • Each summer we bring in professional chefs and kitchen staff to run our kitchen. We promise to serve the freshest, tastiest, and most nutritious food in camping.
  • In addition to the main dishes being served, a fully stocked Salad Bar and Baked Potato/Sweet Potato Bar are available during every Lunch.
  • In addition to a full Salad Bar and Baked Potato/Sweet Potato Bar, we have Nacho and Pasta Bars available at Dinner.
  • Fresh fruit is always available in the dining hall.
  • Each night, campers have the option to choose one snack at our camp’s canteen.