Summer 2021


COVID-19 Health and Safety Guidelines

As summer 2021 rapidly approaches, we continue to carefully consider every aspect of camp. We want this summer to be safe, positive, and an unforgettable experience for our LIndenmere Family. While there are still a number of pieces that we continue to finalize, we want to keep you fully aware of where we stand, and thank you for bearing with us while we solidify further details.

This Q&A section will have the most up-to-date information as well as responses to your frequently asked questions. We welcome any other questions you may have as we work together to plan a safe, fun and memorable summer.

We do ask that you recognize the fluidity of this process as all plans and procedures will be based upon the most up-to-date information and current data and therefore subject to change. We continue to work closely with medical experts and professionals on each element of our medical protocols and procedures. We will continue to share with you more definitive details of exactly what Summer 2021 will look like.

*Last updated on March 19, 2021

Will my camper have to Quarantine before camp?

Yes. Staying safe at camp begins with staying safe at home. We ask for your support and partnership to limit your camper’s exposure to COVID-19 within the 10 days leading up to your child’s arrival at camp. Please do not schedule or participate in any non-essential activities or gatherings (ex: family vacations, play dates, graduation parties, indoor/outdoor gatherings, etc.) that may potentially risk any unnecessary exposure.

Will my camper have to get a COVID Test prior to their arrival at camp?

Yes. All campers and staff must receive a negative PCR Test 3-4 days prior to arrival on camp. Details of that test are being finalized and will be communicated shortly.

What are your testing procedures for Summer 2021?

We are in the final stages of solidifying our testing procedures. These procedures will include both pre-camp (3-4 days prior to arrival) and at-camp testing (upon arrival and within the first several days after arrival). In addition, we will have the capabilities to run in house testing in the event it becomes necessary.

Will my camper have to wear a mask?

At first, campers and staff will wear masks at camp. However, within these first few days each bunk will also be considered a “pod” and therefore campers will not need to wear a mask while in their bunk. Outside of their cabins, everyone will be required to wear a mask when in proximity of a camper or counselor who is not in their pod until we have the “all-clear” within the first week of camp.

How do you plan to keep COVID from entering camp?

Once our campers and staff arrive on campus, our “controlled campus” will be closely monitored. We will not be allowing any visitors to enter our property. Additionally, we have been planning new alternatives for both campers and staff in place of their usual activities off-campus. (Note: Food delivery and other essential services are permitted on camp, however, those drivers/service-people will follow COVID-safety guidelines.)

How will your staff help to keep camp safe?

We are encouraging our staff to obtain a vaccine as they become eligible. Camp staff have been deemed essential workers and efforts continue to be made by a variety of organizations on behalf of all camps to vaccinate their staff. We continue to monitor the status of these efforts and will, of course, provide our employees any supporting documentation needed to obtain their vaccine.

Further, our staff will be arriving at least two weeks before camp this year, with some arriving as early as Mid-May. Our typical week-long orientation will be extended to allow staff to properly quarantine on campus for 2 weeks before the arrival of our campers. All testing procedures that are implemented for our campers will be carried out for our staff members as well.

We have also begun to develop on-campus programming for our staff, so they will be able to relax and re-energize during their time off. We have completed a full renovation of our Staff Lounge and will do what is needed to provide our staff a fun and safe summer camp experience.

What will the first few days of camp look like?

We recognize that the first few days of camp will look different than they have in the past. Each bunk will be a “pod,” and travel together to activities for the initial period after arrival. The first few days will be vital to a successful summer and it is important that we do not intermingle these pods until we have the “all clear” from our at-camp PCR tests.

Our plan is to divide our campus up into various “zones” to provide our campers with some level of choice within each zone whenever possible. Our full choice programming (majors/minors) will begin immediately upon conclusion of the testing period.

Second session campers will follow this same transition and entry procedure to camp. Although these first first few days will look different, it is our goal to keep all second session and full summer campers healthy and engaged in all that camp has to offer.

How will I get to camp on Arrival Day (June 27 and July 25)?

All campers who normally ride the bus to camp must be dropped off on the first day. This summer, we are not offering bus transportation to camp on Arrival Day. We are planning an organized and efficient system for drop off, and will inform you of your family’s drop off time as we get closer to the summer. We will be contacting all families who travel by plane to coordinate your child’s safe arrival to camp.

Will the bus transportation be available for Departure?

Yes. We are planning for all campers to continue to travel home by bus as they usually do. Our travel form will be live next month so you can select your family’s bus departure from camp at that time.

Will there be Visiting Day?

No. Unfortunately at this time, there will not be an in-person Visiting Day because we don’t want to risk the health of camp. However, we are working on creative ways to ensure that our campers will be able to connect with their families in meaningful ways throughout the summer. We know that there will be so much our campers will be proud of and know they will want to share it with you.

Will there be any off-camp trips or inter-camps?

No. In order to limit exposure from the outside world, we will remain on camp this summer. Although we won’t be taking trips off-camp, we are creatively planning fun ways to bring the same special Thursday trip day experience to our campers and staff each week. And, although we won’t participate in inter-camp games this summer, we are planning friendly, on-campus alternatives.

If I’m a prospective camp family, can I tour Camp Lindenmere?

We look forward to welcoming many new families to camp for Summer 2022! We know that summer tours are a huge and important part of the process for choosing a camp. In order to maintain a “controlled campus” this summer, we will only be scheduling on campus tours before camp (outside of the two-week pre-camp quarantine) and after the camp season. We encourage you to book now as we anticipate spots to fill up quickly!

What if someone tests positive for COVID-19 while at camp?

We are preparing for all scenarios and have partnered with medical professionals to finalize the details of this important question. Being that camp will have the necessary licensing and equipment to test on site, we will be able to test any camper or staff member immediately if necessary. We will be sharing these details with you shortly as we finalize all details based upon the most current and accurate data from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Pennsylvania Department of Health, American Camping Association as well as the medical professionals we have partnered with.