The History of Camp Lindenmere

The stone buildings of Camp Lindenmere were built by hand in the early nineteen hundreds and was opened as a camp for children in 1935.



Camp Lindenmere was initially owned and run by the Brochhausen family who sold it to Andrew and Irene Schoenberg in 1944. Three years later they sold it to Harry Spielberg who owned it until 1965. Harry was a Physical Education teacher and coach in Philadelphia and built a very traditional Kids Summer Camp.

In 1965, Mike Sharff took over ownership of Camp Lindenmere and certainly took it to the next level. Alumni from the Sharff era (1965-1997) have great stories and memories of the great things that happened during that time.

In 1997, the Marcus family became the 5th owners of the Camp with the addition of Mitch Garfinkel in 2006. Camp Lindenmere is again moving to the next level. Since 1935, Camp Lindenmere has provided excellence in Camping and continues to add new exciting programs while keeping all of the old Lindenmere traditions alive.

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