Why Work at
Camp Lindenmere?

Amazing Facilities and Warm and Welcoming Atmosphere!

We have spent years improving all of the facilities on our camp.  Every department on camp has modern and updated buildings, all equipped with air conditioning!  We take a lot of pride in listening to our staff to find out what their needs are in their specific area.  We value each staff members input and passion that they bring to their activity area.  Program directors and Department Heads will work tirelessly to make sure you have the equipment that you need to be successful!

Our non-competitive atmosphere allows everyone to feel comfortable at camp. Our philosophy is to encourage skill development, skill acquisition and to build self-esteem. Top quality instruction takes place at each program area throughout the summer. The unique design of our program allows us to provide healthy competition for those campers that want it as a part of their experience.

Amazing Location

Our terrific location gives our staff the best of both worlds. We are less than 90 miles from both New York City and Philadelphia and about 2 hours from wonderful New Jersey beaches and state parks. At the same time, we are close to the Delaware River and Bushkill Falls as well as other great hiking and camping areas like the Appalachian Trail. Several amusement parks are located within an hour of camp. There is a water park, outlet shopping with over 100 shops, and several good local restaurants located minutes from camp.  While on camp you will feel like you are in the mountains, but within just a few minutes you have access to all the modern amenities that you are accustomed to.

Organization & Attention to Detail

While we are open to and encourage our staff to bring new ideas, we also have a wealth of knowledge of what has worked at each activity in the past. Once hired, our staff is asked to put together examples of drills, lead-up games, and activities that they can use while instructing campers of different age groups and skill levels.  We love when staff take pride in what they are doing.  When you love what you do it shows, and the kids will feed off of it.  Don’t forget, campers get to choose their activity areas, so they want to be working with you!  Come to camp full of ideas and energy and we will embrace it every step of the way.

Staff Orientation

Our orientation is structured to give you all the tools you will need to be successful during the summer. We are eager to help you and we only hire counselors who want to succeed. Staff orientation is a wonderful opportunity for staff to feel comfortable at camp before the campers arrive, understand our philosophy and program, bond with your fellow team, and enjoy what makes Lindenmere so special!

A Family Feeling

Lindenmere is home to around 430 campers and 210 staff during the summer. Our Owners/Directors and Year-Round Leadership Team is actively involved in the day-to-day running of camp and we like to play, laugh, and enjoy the summer with all our campers and staff. Our team is large enough for you to make friends from across the world and create plenty of plans for your time off, but small enough to create special bonds that can’t be replicated outside of camp


We are fortunate to have over 75 years of tradition built into every summer! While we add new activities, programs, and special events each summer, the core of Lindenmere is a time tested tradition.  We want our staff to embrace these traditions so that they stay with them for the rest of their lives.  As a new staff member it is hard to explain what that means, but on the last day of camp when the buses are loading and there are over 550 people crying in the dining hall, you will understand.  Working at Lindenmere will be something that changes your life forever.  Come and find out what it is all about!