Our Mission Statement

Camp Lindenmere is a warm, welcoming community that gathers together year after year to experience the joy of summer camping. Here, campers grow and branch out in an environment filled with compassion and respect. They learn how to be a true friend, and the immeasurable treasure it is to have a true friend.  The relationships formed and the memories made are everlasting; campers cherish and honor them long after their sweet childhood summers have passed. Camp Lindenmere and all that it stands for becomes etched into the hearts and souls of its campers and will have an enormous impact on the adults they grow to be.  The qualities embraced and nurtured here will be passed from parent to child, forever renewing the Lindenmere tradition of kindness and integrity, from one generation of campers to the next.



Best place to spend your summer. You make memories that last a lifetime and you meet people that instantly become your best friends. Lindenmere is a place where you meet new people and try new activities and have the best summer. I have spent my past six summers here and will spend many more at Lindenmere!!!!!! – Emma K.


This place is my home. It is where I have met my best friends, and lifetime sisters. I’m so thankful to have the privilege to spend my summers at Camp Lindenmere. – Sydney J.


If you would like to join our Lindenmere family, you can check out our current session dates here.