Staff FAQs

Join us this season! Below are some quick questions about being a staff member at Lindenmere. Please feel free to contact us with additional inquiries.

Where is Lindenmere?

Camp Lindenmere is located near the town of East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, about an hour and a half from either Philadelphia or New York City.

How long is camp?

Our program runs 8 weeks including orientation so that you can still travel around the US, go on vacation, spend time with friends and take advantage of everything else summer has to offer!

Why should you choose Lindenmere?

Camp is a terrific place to spend the summer. You will have the opportunity to spend your time working outside, meeting new people and making long lasting friendships.

What makes us different from most other camps is our unique program. Our campers have the freedom to choose their own schedules. Since campers choose all of their activities, they truly want to participate and enjoy being there.

Our staff is comprised of college students, graduates, and teachers from across the United States. We also hire staff in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, England, Mexico, Czech Republic, Hungary and various other countries.

What is an Activity Specialist?

A majority of our staff is considered Activity Specialists. Activity Specialists are skilled in a particular activity and have the ability to engage the campers by keeping activities fun and exciting. Our enthusiastic, energetic and organized counselors are successful in instructing their activity periods a day throughout the summer. You spend time coaching and teaching campers, boys and girls, of all ages who select your activity. We have found that the Activity Specialist is the key ingredient that makes any activity run smoothly and be successful. Each Specialty Area is supervised by a Department Head who supports you and help manage the intricacies of each program area.

Each Activity Specialist also spends part of the day with the bunk of campers that you live with. Meal times, rest hour, evening activities, special events and trips out of camp are all spent with your bunk. You will form tight bonds with campers and staff from both parts of your day!

If you are not skilled enough to teach or instruct a particular activity, we do hire a limited amount of General Counselors that stay with our younger campers (ages 7 & 8) throughout their day.

Where do most of the campers come from?

Our campers come to us from more than fifteen states and five different countries. Since many families hear about Lindenmere from current families and alumni, certain geographic areas are more heavily represented than others. Our largest groups of campers come from New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Connecticut, Maryland and South Florida. We also have campers from around the world, including France, Spain, China, Dominican Republic, Italy, and Russia.  We only take a limited amount in each age group so that they get the full American camp experience.

What about time off and free time?

We understand that for you to be a successful counselor, you will need to have time off to relax and enjoy leisure time. We take a lot of pride to the fact that we give more time off to our staff then just about any other camp.  You will receive one period off each day and only be on duty twice per week. We allow our staff to leave camp when they are not on duty right after evening activity (around 8:45).  Due to our location to so many things you are able to get out and enjoy the Pocono Mountains!  In addition, you receive 6 days off during the course of the summer to take advantage of our great location in the Northeast. We encourage our staff to take advantage of our wonderful facility during their time off including using our Staff Lounge which has cable TV and games as well as phone and internet access. Lindenmere often provides staff with transportation for nights off and days off.

What about Salary?

We will provide you with a more specific salary package during the interview process, but as a whole, our salaries are extremely competitive depending on your year in school and experience. Keep in mind that living at camp is an expense free experience and that our staff receive staff shirts, room and board, internet access and weekly laundry service.

How do I get to Camp?

You may choose to drive, take a bus or fly into Newark Airport. We will provide transportation from Newark Airport to camp. International staff travel arrangements will be made through your organization. We will send out more information regarding travel in the spring.  It is important to stay in touch with us about all of your travel arrangements so that we can get you to camp in the quickest and safest way possible.

Is there a staff uniform?

Lindenmere provides all staff with staff shirts that must be worn during the day until after dinner. Your personal appearance is important and we ask that you remember that you are a role model for children and young adults. You may dress according to your activity with shorts and footwear.

Where will I live?

A majority of our staff live with campers in bunks. Our newly renovated bunks are spacious and airy and contain both single and bunk beds. Every bunk has electricity and contains a bathroom area with individual showers, toilets, and sinks. Most bunks house between ten and twelve campers along with two or three staff.

What about the food?

Our food is restaurant quality. We mean it! Each summer, professional chefs come to their summer home in Henryville. Our campers and staff tell us that the food is delicious. All three meals have a wide variety of choices available. We have an extensive salad bar and baked potato/sweet potato bar at every lunch and dinner.  In addition, there is a nacho and pasta bar at every dinner.

What else do I need to know?

Lindenmere is a smoke-free camp. We do not tolerate smoking on or near camp property and we discourage smokers from applying. Staff members are expected to behave responsibly and follow all state and federal laws as they relate to drug use and the consumption of alcohol. Staff under the age of 21 are not permitted to consume alcohol and no staff member is allowed to drink on camp or return to camp under the influence.

How hard do I really have to work?

Camp is an amazing experience. You will be surrounded by friendly, caring and enthusiastic campers and staff all summer. You will try new things and meet people from around the world. Camp is also very structured and requires a good amount of flexibility. The campers stay with us for 3-7 weeks and are our responsibility is 24 hours a day. It is hard work, but the rewards and memories you take away from the experience make it the best job in the world!

What age group of campers will I live with?

We want to do everything we can to make you feel comfortable about working at camp and ensure that you have a positive experience. During the interview process, we will discuss what age group you would be most comfortable working with. We will also give you our opinion to which age group you are best suited to work with. We have found that over the years, we are on the same page a majority of the time! We finalize your bunk placement in June during our pre-camp orientation.