Our Program

About summer camp programs at LindenmereLindenmere is…CHOICE!

It’s all about choice. Your choice! TOTAL CHOICE! Lindenmere’s program is on the cutting edge of summer camping. Campers work with their counselors and specialty staff to select the activities they want and love. This makes each and every day challenging, unique
and fun.

Lindenmere is…ELECTIVES!

Lindenmere campers choose both majors and minors to construct their perfect day. With over fifty electives to choose from and a team of dedicated specialty staff, we ensure the success and growth of all of our campers.


Majors are selected before the beginning of each session. They are instructional and goal oriented. Major programs often culminate in a performance or production on visiting day. Athletic Majors participate in competitive events.  Majors are designed to give a camper a well rounded experience teaching them all facets of the activity.  Majors can be changed once a camper gets to camp by seeing the program director during lunch.


Minors are chosen daily. They are instructional or recreational. Minors allow campers to experience a diverse array of activities.  Staff will create activities that can be completed in just under an hour.  Often focusing on a very specific part of the activity area.

Our Youngest Campers

Unlike the rest of our counselors, general counselors are hired to help guide our youngest campers throughout each day.  They are chosen based upon their nurturing nature and patience.  Throughout the day they will be checking in to make sure that their campers are having the time of their life.

Leadership Training

Campers entering the 11th and 12th grade are eligible to participate in a LT program. This program is designed to develop skills and responsibilities associated with their future role as a camp counselor.  There are many aspects to the program including a LT trip, optional tutoring, 1 or 2 times a week on the job counselor training in their favorite activity area, a big brother/sister program and much more.