Staff – Welcome

Thank you for your interest in working at Camp Lindenmere. Because our staff has the greatest impact on our campers, we truly value and appreciate what each and every staff member brings to Lindenmere.

We are looking for staff that love working with children and enjoy being part of a team. Our staff is fun, friendly, caring and enthusiastic, yet they understand how important safety and responsibility are to our community.

Since our program is based upon individual achievement and individual growth, we pride ourselves on providing specific attention to the needs of our campers and staff. In doing so, we have created a camp community that is warm, caring and nurturing. Returning staff love to see their old friends, while they open their arms to meeting new staff and introducing them to the Lindenmere culture.

Our directors are always available and easy to approach. We take a hands-on approach and give you all the tools you need to have a successful summer. We continue to support our staff throughout the summer and we empower you to create a program that reflects Lindenmere’s cutting edge philosophy. We are proud that both our campers and staff have helped to create such a welcoming, comfortable and friendly atmosphere. The friendships that form at Lindenmere extend well past the last day of camp each summer…

Most Lindenmere staff has dual roles. Each of our staff spends the activity portion of the day teaching a specific activity and as general counselors during other times. As a general counselor, your main concern is to create a memorable and safe summer for your campers. You will live with a group of campers and ensure their physical and emotional safety. You will laugh and grow with them throughout the summer and act as a positive role model. This will truly be the greatest “job” you will ever have.