2019 Dates, Fees & FAQs

1st Session Begins
Sunday, June 30th
1st Session Visiting Day
Saturday, July 20th
2nd Session Begins
Sunday, July 21st
2nd Session Visiting Day
Saturday, August 10th
Camp Ends
Sunday, August 11th
Session 1
6/30/2019 – 7/21/2019
Session 2
7/21/2019 – 8/11/2019
Session 1 & 2
6/30/2019 – 8/11/2019


  • Sibling Discount:
    • $200 off/per session per camper (Discount taken off younger sibling’s tuition)
  • Leadership Training Discount:
    • 1st Year Leadership Training Program Discount 15%
    • 2nd Year Leadership Training Program Discount 20%

Frequently Asked Questions

How many people in each bunk?
Each bunk houses 8-12 campers with two to three counselors. The cabins are equipped with modern conveniences such as full bath facilities, including hot and cold running water, ample electrical outlets and storage space for clothing
When do the campers pick their activities?
Majors are chosen before campers arrive at camp. The three minors are chosen at breakfast each morning and may vary from day to day.
Do campers ever get turned away from an activity they choose?
Never. A full-time program director spends the day working with each child’s schedule.
How many people in each activity?
Sometimes a child chooses a private lesson which is one-on-one with an instructor. Most activities have between eight to twelve children.
How does the laundry work?
Every camper’s laundry is done once a week. Camp laundry is done off the property in a professional facility and is returned to the campers in two days. The laundry for each cabin is kept together and children sort their laundry with the aid of their counselors upon its return.
Do you have a doctor in camp?
We have a doctor and three registered nurses during each session. Our infirmary is staffed twenty-four hours per day.
Are campers put into bunks by age or grade?
Campers are usually grouped in cabins by grade. Sometimes parents will request a placement by age. If your child wants to bunk with friends, we almost always are able to work it out.
Any out of camp trips?
Children leave camp to compete in intercamp games or special events such as a day trip to Camelbeach, Dorney Park, whitewater rafting, ice skating, bowling, minor league baseball games.
Do campers need extra money?
Canteen is provided free of charge each day. A small amount of spending money is recommended for other incidentals.
Where do campers come from?
All over. We have large groups of children from the New York metropolitan area, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington, Florida, and California, but don’t be surprised if you have a bunk mate from London, Paris, Madrid or Singapore.