Lindenmere Rocks

Lindenmere Rocks is the rock concert performed by campers who participate in the rock shop during the summer. Also, in the rock shop, campers work individually with specialty counselors on private lessons and work in bands with other campers to prepare a song or two to perform at the end of session rock concert. This year, campers were able to record the songs they performed in a recording studio set up by our rock shop staff. You can find some of the great music performed by our campers and rock shop staff below. Enjoy!

Rock Shop 2018
2018 Session 12018 Session 2

5 Bs 1G – “Believer”

Ethan B, Jackson K, Ari S, Sebastian H, Harrison S, Sydnie O

Barkwood – “Applause”

Lily S, Eliza F, Lyndsay O

The Sour Green Apples – “So What”

Lily S, Jessica B, Madelyn K

Donkeys on Fire – “Something Just Like This…”

Sam K, Noah S

The Gingers that Jam ft. Diana and Jack – “Perfect”

Emerson S, Sadie C, Ellie G, Diana B

The Kan Rockers – “Teacher’s Pet”

Kylie H, Ananya K, Noa D

Silence – “Don’t Stop Believing”

James P, Owen M, Jack B, Jessica W, Brooke N, Sophie B

Anonymous Hippopotamus – “It’s Time”

Joseph B, Aaron S, Maxwell G, Samuel J, Noah G

2:30 and the Purple Boxes – “The Pretender”

Lily G, Oliver G, Jeremy W, Andrew Z

The Savage Cabbages – “Marry You”

Lorenzo G, Jason B

Mac in Black – “Back in Black”

Maxwell G

3 Melodies – “The Middle”

Alexa B, Alexa S

Rainy Day – “Animal”

Sydney D

The Flaming Ninja Dogs – “Seven Nation Army”

Zachary G, Ryan S, Arthur B

F!re on Fyre on Phire – “Help!”

Harrison G, Alexandra M, Hannah W, Jeremy W

Major 3, Band #8 – “Take On Me”

Brenden C, Alexander F, Zach M

Breakfast in Cambodia – “Superstition”

Jacob G, Pietro L, Andrew R, Evan B, Benjamin W

The Runaways – “Viva La Vida”

Ava Y, Meredith C, Chelsea S, Sarah G

Flaming Donuts in the Dark and the Fire – “Ballad of Mona Lisa Arron Mix”

Jeremy W, Will E, Micheal G, Katie A, Hannah T, Alexandra M, Tallulah L

Staff Laser Light Tree Paper Cars – “All Star”

Ethan Y, Joseph B

EEEOOOWWW – “Only Angel”

Chloe F, Emma F, Joey Z

The Roasting Hot Jaguars – “Never Bed Time”

Harrison S, Drew C

11 and the Burger King Notebooks – “The Chain”

Hannah W, Zachary R, Aaron S, Andrew Z, Brooke M

Jason and the Wildcats – “Walk This Way (Instrumental Jam)”

Jason B

The Silly Pickles – “The Three of Us”

Zach M, Joey Z

The Jewish Minecraft Server – “Server Basket Case”

Oliver G, Zach M, Sam K, AJ L, Jacob R

3625 Miles – “Titanium” (Live)

Chloe M, Eliza M

The Angel Pigs – “Castle on the Hill”

Helen H, Eliana G, Diana B, Kate L, Brooke N, Carly C

Inaniminanimals – “Africa”

Noah S, Trey P, Brenden C, Stevie A

Mugshot – “Smooth Criminal”

Sam J, James P, Jack B

Breakfast in Cambodia – “Panic Station”

Evan B, Jacob G, Benji W, Andrew R, Pietro L, Daniel S

8th Melody – “Perfect”

Norah M , Jordyn W, Sammi B, Raleigh S, Erin M, Anna M, Madeline N, Maya F

Miss Kiesha’s Burnt Chicken Nuggets – “Back to December”

Sara C, Julia B, Grace M

White Bread– “You Belong With Me”

Anna R, Luke W, Lily S

The Oversee-ers – “Uprising”

Marley A, Brooke W, Ethan L, Ryans S, Jackson K