Lindenmere Rocks 2009

Lindenmere Rocks is the rock concert performed by campers who participate in the rock shop during the summer. Also, in the rock shop, campers work individually with specialty counselors on private lessons and work in bands with other campers to prepare a song or two to perform at the end of session rock concert. This year, campers were able to record the songs they performed in a recording studio set up by our rock shop staff. You can find some of the great music performed by our campers and rock shop staff below. Enjoy!

2009 Session 12009 Session 2

Besser and the Visual Success – “Crazy”

Bubble Bustin’ Tree Climbers – “Gives You Felt”

Flying Chinese Thunder Tacos – “Riders on teh Storm”

Harry Tree Jump Quickly Over There – “Harry Tree”

Mr. Cozy and the Comfort Club – “Camp Lindenmere”

No Plurals – “Brain Stew”

The Noodlers – “Holiday”

Orange Glow – “Dirty Little Secret”

Seven Car Pile-Up – “Eleanor Rigby”

Toxic Thunder – “Eye of the Tiger”

Z.I.E – “All You Do is Make Me Smile (Acoustic)”

Z.I.E – “All You Do is Make Me Smile (Electric)”

Dirty Jalapeno Mechanics – “Still HAven’t Found What I’m Looking For”

Don’t Forget to Sanitize – “Barracuda”

Don’t Wanna Be No Woman – “Medly”

F.D.R and the Ask Nots – “Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite”

Flaming Aces – “Can’t Stop”

Flat Line Revival – “Paranoid”

Girls fo Summer – “Boys of Summer”

Purple Leaves – “The Middle”

Rolling Rockers – “S.O.S./Tainted Love”

The Same Foshizzle B-Nine’s – “Fat Lip”

The Same Foshizzle B-Nine’s – “Santeria”