Lindenmere Rocks 2013

Lindenmere Rocks is the rock concert performed by campers who participate in the rock shop during the summer. Also, in the rock shop, campers work individually with specialty counselors on private lessons and work in bands with other campers to prepare a song or two to perform at the end of session rock concert. This year, campers were able to record the songs they performed in a recording studio set up by our rock shop staff. You can find some of the great music performed by our campers and rock shop staff below. Enjoy!

2013 Session 12013 Session 2

Pepper Spray – “Crossroads”

Bari G., Will B., Sam K., Jake F.

Devoted to Couches – “Our Truth”

Maxwell C., Danielle F., Izzy O.

The Fireworks – “22”

Chloe F., Emma F., Tiah Z.

Teh Extinguished – “Radioactive”

Max S., Sara J., Fred M., Isaac G., Max H.

Rainbow Drank – “Valerie/All the Small Things”

David G., Elyssa Y., Kyle Z., Jacob K., Lauren B.

The Konmen – “I’m a Believer”

Zac C., Spencer K., David B., Owen A., Jack R.

Pre-meditated Spork Attack – “The Science of Selling Yoursef Short”

Zack S., Ethan G., Mike K., Chris M., Alex N.

Zombies Don’t Exist – “Fly Away/My Own Worst Enemy”

Ariana T., Sam K., Kyle Z., Victoria D.

The Wolfpack Featuring Jake Kaufman – “Alive”

Sam W., Skyler P., Mike N., Andrew L., Jake K.

One Idea – “Let It be”

Timer – “Paralyzer”

Becca C., Marget M., Emma P., Izzy L., Tali S.

Mach One – “Love Me Do”

Max M., Mathis A., Harris M., Alice K.

The Miserable Overdrives – “Misery”

Will Buckser., Izzy O., Charlie H.

Chocolate Pudding – “La La”

Izzy O., Sydney A., Carly E., Elina K., Kris M.

Mismatch – “Mashup of Green Day, Mychem, Paramore”

Bari G., Lily P.

To Dumbledore and Beyond – “Yellow”

Rebecca M., Rachel B., Jacob K., Gavin A.

Pride Rock – “I Just Can’t Wait tp be King”

Kyle Z., David G., Maxwell C., Rebbecca C., Ben F.

Priority Mail – “Slow Hands”

Zach S., Fred M.

The Superbats – “Goofy Goober Rock”

Sammy S., Sam K., Izzy K., Jake F.

Blah Blah Blah We Don’t Care – “Chic’n’Stu”

Wesley G., Aarav S., Ander U.

Explosive Cheese – “The Rifle’s Spiral”

Fred M., Adam K., Max S., Sam K.

The Leviathans – “Super Massive Black Hole”

Jake F., Wesley G.

5 BPM – “A Thousand Years”

Emma F., Chloe F.,

Crippling Injuries May Occur – “Reptilia”

Will B., Jake F., Sam S.

Devoted to Couches – “Dying in Your Arms”

Izzy O., Lauren B., Danielle F., David G., Maxwell C.

Negative Birthdays – “Best of Me”

Kyle Z., Sydney A.,

Geldog and teh Puppies – “Potential Breakup Song”

Emily W., Ethan G., Izzy O., Sophie S.

Sugar Rush – “Live Like You’re Dying”

Sarah R., Eliza B., Lindsey P., Daniel R.

Party Rockers – “21 Guns”

Cameron L., Ben G., Drake F., AJ P.

The Minors – “Chasing Cars”

Andrew H., Eric S., Philip L., Daniel E.