Lindenmere Rocks 2015

Lindenmere Rocks is the rock concert performed by campers who participate in the rock shop during the summer. Also, in the rock shop, campers work individually with specialty counselors on private lessons and work in bands with other campers to prepare a song or two to perform at the end of session rock concert. This year, campers were able to record the songs they performed in a recording studio set up by our rock shop staff. You can find some of the great music performed by our campers and rock shop staff below. Enjoy!

2015 Session 12015 Session 2

Maddie and the Mad Men – “Are You Gonna Be My Girl?”

Madison M; Max H; Jake F; Jack P

The Moon Bears – “Can’t Stop”

Rebecca H; Sara J; Max H

The Henries – “The Pheonix”

Lily P; Aaron G; Robert S; George G; Trevor L

The Ever Rising Suns – “House of the Rising Sun”

Wesley G; Jacob G

Wax Jaguar – “Walk”

Sam K; Joey Z

No Clue – “Proud Mary”

Jolie Z; Max S; Sam S; Zach M; Henrik P

DERRP – “Ghost Town”

Sam K; Joey Z; Stephen B; Zoe F; Michael K; Zach M; Lauren B

$5 Footlongs – “Under Cover of Darkness”

Bari G; Will B-S; Jake F; Jack P; Issac S

The Psycholophones – “Come Together”

Gideon B; Max S; Luke W; Harrison G

The Mash Potahtoes – “Going Away to College”

Ava E; Max H; Wesley G; Davis S; Jack R

The Humans – “Falling Slowly”

Josie S; Isabel K; Jamila C; Chloe F-S; Emma F-S

The Blondies and Brunette – “Rip Tide”

Sydney D; Maeryn E; Mollie F; Alyssa P

The Carnivores – “Eye of the Tiger”

Samuel S; Ryan S; Drew S

The Echoes – “Rude”

David B; Jordan A; Cameron L

The Four M&Ms – “Shut Up and Dance With Me”

Noah S; Owen M; Emily Z

The Ginger Emo Geese – “Sunday Morning”

Lulu H; Zoe F; Rebecca M; Tess N

Wolfy and the Wailers – “Pompeii

Michael K; Noah Y; Sam W; Jacob K

Uke, I Am Your Father – “No Diggity”

Noah Y; Hailey N; Paige S; Daniel U

The Relatively Large Guppies – “Another Day in Paradise”

Sam K; Wesley G; Sebastian R; Lauren B; Dina S; Amy H

The Unknown – “Don’t Speak”

Emma F-S; Chloe F-S; Jolie Z; Josie S

The Last Hopes – “Stay With Me”

Ethan B; Owen B; Andrew Z; Zachary G; Jacob K

Red Line Men – “Walk”

Max S; Joey Z; Aaron G; Josh A

Rockettes – “Shake It Off”

Emily Z; Hannah R; Eliana P; Willow K

Skybound – “Spacebound”

Ryan S; Liam M; Oliver G; Bailey K

Restricted Area – “Brave”

Morgan L; Jolie H; Danielle N; Vanessa F; Jenna K; Isabel P

The Best Band Ever – “Take Me Out”

David G; Zoe F; Joey Z; Wesley G; Stephen B

The Feedback Bros. – “Iron Man”

Eli S; Sam K; Harrison G; Max M; Hannah P

The Leftovers – “Ring of Fire”

Elijah F; Aaron G; Max S; Sam S; Ethan R; Andrew Z

Spare Tyre – “Superstition”

Bari G; Issac S; Jake F; Jack P; Emily S

The Ukuladies – “Run Around Sue”

Alyssa P; Madison L; Alana T

Unclick the Pen – “With a Little Help From My Friends”

Zachary Y; Sam P; David G; Sam W; Zoe F

The Flames – “Hey Soul Sister”

Noah S; Jules N

Gathering Moss – “Paint it Black”

David B; Michael C; Jeremy W

Take Your Meds – “AC/DC Medley”

Jake F; Jack P; Madison M; Lily P

THEM – “Rapper’s Delight”

Kris M; David G; Alex P