Lindenmere Rocks 2016

Lindenmere Rocks is the rock concert performed by campers who participate in the rock shop during the summer. Also, in the rock shop, campers work individually with specialty counselors on private lessons and work in bands with other campers to prepare a song or two to perform at the end of session rock concert. This year, campers were able to record the songs they performed in a recording studio set up by our rock shop staff. You can find some of the great music performed by our campers and rock shop staff below. Enjoy!

2016 Session 12016 Session 2

Flying Horses – “Time is Running Out”

Jack P, Sam K, Max S, Aaron G, Joey Z

Insert Generic Band Name Here – “The Phoenix”

Zack M, Brendan C, Ethan B

Dat Band – “Voodoo Doll”

Chloe S, Emma S, Josie S, Jamila C

Chill Vibes – “Stitches”

Penelope S, Sydney, Mollie F, Ava G, Brooke W, Jeremy W, Avery G

Wax Jaguar – “Streets”

Sam K; Joey Z

Juno – “Don’t Stop Me Now”

Luke W, Sara J, Mathis A

Majesty – “Beat It”

Luke W, Hailey A, Milana K, Hannah W, Sean

Trees, Grass and Rusty Metal – “Bad Moon Rising”

Ryan S, Oliver G, Rijk S, Andrew Z

Semi-Self-Sufficient Teen Group – “Carry On My Wayward Son”

Max S, Harrison G, Jack P, Jake F, Mikey B

School of Rock – “Teacher’s Pet”

Eliza F, David B, Sam S, Andrew R, Evan B

The Three Amigos – “The Judge”

Jordan S, Emily Z

Emotioning Well – “Feeling Good”

Jack P, Madison M, Bari G, Isabel P, Rebecca H

Thunder – “Pour Some Sugar On Me”

Gus R, AJ L, Jacob R

Silent Radio – “Tear in My Heart”

Aaron G, Cara D, Jolie Z, Julia D, Zoe F

The 5 Pandas – “Payphone”

Jeremy W, Noah S, Evan S, Kensley S, Emma W

Emerald Core – “Beatles Medley”

Marly A, Alana T, Sylvi S, Alexandra S

Harcore Marshmallows – “Here Comes the Sun”

Hannah S, Lily G, Aliza C, Jack B, Benjamin W

The High Hitters – “I Don’t Care”

Jacob G, Petey L, Andrew R

The Iguanas – “Chameleon”

Stephen B, Josh O, David G, Sam K

The Semi-Precious Stones – “How to be a Heartbreaker”

Hannah T, Lily S, Anna R

Maajic – “Perfect”

Ava Z, Chloe G, Madelyn B, Jordan S, Anna B

Amy and Illana – “House of Gold”

Amy H, Illana W

Kilroy was Here – “Mr Roboto”

Andrew Z, Oliver G, Brian M, Benji W

The Elite IV – “Pokemon Medley”

Sam K, Joey Z, Arron G

Tame Melon – “Play That Funky Music”

Stephen B, David G, Max S, Zoe F, Jolie Z

Miracle – “Before He Cheats”

Courtney R, Jules N, Jeremy W, Maeryn E

Be Wise and Sanitize – “Centuries”

Julie S, Noah S, Brendan C, Jonah G, Andrew R, Jacob G

Dat Behaviour – “White Room”

Sam S, Andrew Z, David B

Dat Band – “Long Way Home”

Chloe S, Emma S, Josie S

Omlette and the Eggs – “25 or 6 to 4”

Wes G, Max S, Josh A, Joey Z, Aaron G, Zack M

Yabko Family Mountain Band – “Marvin Gaye”

Ava Y, Sydnie O, Zachary Y

The Polar Primates – “Arabella”

Bari G, Maddison M, Jeremy W

Hannah Weiss – “Sedona”

Hannah W, Jack H