Staff Profiles: Circus


Rene Gasser


Montreal, Canada
This Rene’s second summer here at Lindenmere and we are thrilled to have him heading up our circus department once again. He comes to us with extensive training, having worked as General Operator for Club Md’s circus, as well as time spent doing Cirque du Soleil, Trapeze Montreal and Trapeze Las Vegas. He has been working hard with all of our circus staff to prepare everyone for the best summer yet! Welcome back to camp, Rene!


Jacob Pattison


Picayune, MS
Jacob is back for his third Lindenmere summer and he will be heading up our flying trapeze team. Jacob has advanced trap skills in flying, rigging, catching, board and lines. Jacob also has prior experience working for another camp, as a trapeze instructor. Jacob is friendly and encouraging, but most importantly, he values safely first and foremost and he can’t wait to see our campers believe in their ability to soar high! We are so happy to welcome you back to camp this summer, Jacob!


Mara Tricarico

Buenos Aires, Argentina
Mara is back for her third summer at Lindenmere, and she is so excited to be sharing her circus skills with our campers! Mara has been practicing aerial acrobatics, using silk, hoops and trapeze, for the past 10 years. She currently works as an acrobatics instructor, teaching both adults and children to gain confidence and sharpen their skills. Aside from being passionate about acrobatics, Mara loves being around children and her present job allows her to work closely with them to choreograph a circus show for their parents, in which they can showcase their skills. Happy to have you back, Mara!

Camila Murphy

Buenos Aires, Argentina
Camila joins us for her second Lindenmere summer as part of our circus staff. Camila has dedicated her life to the circus and currently works for a circus school, where she teaches aerial and lira skills to children aged 6-12. She adores working with children and aside from her circus work, she has experience as a nanny and a children’s party entertainer. Camila is warm and encouraging and works hard to help our campers build up their confidence so they can achieve new skills. So thrilled to have you back at camp, Camila!

Vanessa Sheinbaum

Montvale, NJ
Vanessa was a Lindenmere camper for many years and is back for her second summer on staff as a circus counselor. Vanessa has gained extensive knowledge in the art of circus right here at camp! She is particularly skilled at silks, lyra, trapeze and hammocks. She looks forward to sharing both her love of circus and Lindenmere with our campers this summer. Welcome back to camp, Vanessa!

Emma Maarova

Bratiskava, Slovakia
This is Emma’s first summer on staff at Camp Lindenmere and she will be spending her days out in our circus pavilion as a Circus counselor. Emma enjoys all types of circus acts, including juggling, aerial arts, and acrobatics. She’s also very warm and friendly, so our campers will feel very comfortable being around her and she will be a delight to have on camp. Welcome, Emma!


Isabel Present

Bethesda, MD
This is Isabel’s 9th summer at Lindenmere and there’s no place else she’d rather be spending her summer! A long time camper, Isabel is back this summer as a staff member and we are thrilled to welcome her to our circus team. Isabel has taught acrobatics since 2014, with a focus on aerial silks, hoops, and trapeze. After spending so many summers here as a camper, it is a real thrill for her to now be the counselor, making a difference and making new camp memories. Welcome back to camp, Isabel!

Lindsay Palmaccio

Dix Hills, NY
This is Lindsay’s ninth summer at Lindenmere and we couldn’t be happier to have her return to our circus team. Skilled in all areas of circus, Lindsay is looking forward to working daily with our campers to help them build both their confidence and their strength. A longtime camper, who is back on staff for the fourth time, Lindsay can’t imagine spending her summer anywhere else but here and she can’t wait for the camp season to begin! We are thrilled to have you back, Lindsay!

Matt Casey

New Hope, MN
This is Matt’s first summer at Lindenmere, where we will be welcoming him to our circus team. Matt has ten years of experience performing with silks, web, lyra, trapeze, hammocks and straps. Given his extensive and varied background, Matt is absolutely the perfect addition to our circus staff and our campers are sure to learn so much under his supervision. We are thrilled to welcome you to camp, Matt!

Hadleigh Hamm

Miami, FL
This is Hadleigh’s first summer at Camp Lindenmere and she will be one of our circus instructors. Hadleigh enjoys all types of circus arts and even some acting. She studied Circus Arts in China at Beijing International Arts School and is looking forward to passing along her circus knowledge to our campers. Hadleigh is very enthusiastic and always has a smile on her face and her presence around camp will be a great one! Thrilled to have you here, Hadleigh!


Erin Lollback

Sydney, Australia
Erin comes to camp for the first time all the way from Sydney, Australia and will be one of our circus instructors. Erin graduated with a degree in Education from the University of Technology in Sydney and currently works as a circus instructor at the Sydney Trapeze School. Erin spends her free time training within the circus industry and enjoys being active spending time outdoors. So thrilled to have Erin here this summer – welcome!

Andie McCall

Montreal, Canada
Andie is coming to Lindenmere for the second time this summer, as part of our trapeze team. She has spent four years performing and coaching circus/aerial arts and trapeze and was also the manager of a circus school for over two years. Having worked with all ages, from young children to adults, Andie is well-equipped to train our campers to develop their flying skills. We are thrilled to welcome Andie back to our camp family!

Katrina Nord

Scandia, MN
Katrina joins us at camp for the first time this summer as a trapeze counselor. She has 18 years of experience in trapeze and aerial arts, having been involved in the art since she was a young girl. Our campers are in safe hands under her guidance, as she is a trained instructor who has worked at several other camps, as well as at Club Med. Outgoing and friendly, Katrina loves to laugh and have fun and will keep our campers engaged and happy throughout the summer. Welcome to camp, Katrina!

Cheyenne Sherrill

La Palma, California
This will be Cheyenne’s third summer at Lindenmere and she can’t wait to share her passion for the trapeze with our campers once again! Cheyenne has been studying the art of the flying trapeze for the past three and a half years and is a dedicated circus instructor. Cheyenne’s caring and kind demeanor lends itself well to working with children and the enthusiasm she has for her craft is sure to ignite a spark in budding flyers. We are so excited to have Cheyenne back at camp this summer!

David Gaul

Tucson, AZ
This is David’s first summer here at camp and he joins us as one of our trapeze instructors. Highly skilled in the art of trapeze, he enjoys performing various tricks while flying through the air. David has prior experience at another overnight camp and is skilled in teaching both the best and safest ways to fly. When he isn’t practicing circus tricks, David enjoys mountain biking and gymnastics. David will be an excellent addition to our trapeze staff and to camp as a whole. Welcome, David!

Kade Hughes

Melbourne, Australia
Kade joins us for the first time this summer, as one of our trapeze counselors. Kade is a skilled acrobat who has been practicing since the age of three. He has taken acrobatic courses his entire life and has experience teaching children aged 6-8 and also teenagers aged 13-17. He has also taught adult classes. We are thrilled to have Kade join us this summer and we can’t wait to watch him fly! Welcome to camp!