Randolph, NJ


6th Year Camper, 2014-2019

“Camp Lindenmere is my second home… then, now and always!”

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The summer I was 9 years old, I stepped off a bus for my first day a Camp Lindenmere.  At the time I had no idea how much Lindenmere would mean to me.    That first day, I met friends who are now some of my best friends.  I met staff who I look up to as role models and I found a second family.   Camp is a special place where I feel completely supported.    It is where I can learn and participate in the things that I like and a place where I can try new things.   For instance, never in my life did I think I would get on stage in front of everyone, but for the past two years I stared in the camp play.   I learned to ride horses, did some arts and played more games than I can image.  One of the best things about camp is the counselors and staff.   They are always so caring and work hard to make sure we have a great summer.

Camp Lindenmere is magical.   It’s a place where I had experiences I will cherish and friends who I am sure I will stay connected with my entire life.  Whether it is cheering in the mess hall, evening activities or just free time with my friends, each day seems like the best day yet.   I am convinced that there is no place like it on earth.    Camp Lindenmere is my second home… then, now and always!

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