“This camp has brought nothing but smiles and memories.”

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3 years ago, I got on a big coach bus not knowing what to expect at where I was headed off to. My sister and brother had told me it would be an unforgettable 6 weeks, but the only way to know is when you step onto the well-trimmed grass already to have happy campers run on. I remember feeling a rush of excitement that day. Today, “Then. Now. Always” is a motto that I can never let go of. This camp has brought nothing but smiles and memories. I have made countless relationships and friends. All my camp friends and I stay in touch. We are always FaceTime and texting each other. There is not a day that goes by that I don’t feel that I am so lucky to be a part of the Lindenmere family. I know whatever happens I will all ways have Lindenmere.

At Lindenmere, I have experienced so many new things. When I came here, I learned how to play volleyball, and now I play on a town small team. I learned ceramics, I got a ceramics kit for my birthday, and I am the top grade in my art class at school. I learned how to survive in the wild. As you can see this camp is a place to learn and develop passions.

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